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Costume Time!

Category: Seasonal Quests
Ends: 31 October 2023, 23:59:59 EDT (4 weeks from now)

What is your Plush Dragon going as for Halloween?


Draw your Plush Dragon in a homemade costume!


Writing Requirements:
-Minimum of 1 character
-Word count: 250-500; bonuses up to 1500 

Bonus Buttons:
-significant character interactions (NPCs or other users Plush Dragons. Limit 5) - +5 buttons per any extra PD 
-significant companion interaction - +2 buttons per companion

Art Requirements: 
-Minimum one full-body

Bonus Buttons:
-other users PDs - +5 buttons per any extra PD (not including NPCs. Limit 5.)
-companions - +2 buttons per companion


Reward Amount
MYO Halloween Costume 1
Buttons 10
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