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Paladin Part 2: The Tumble

Category: Class Quests


Your eager Plush Dragon has begun to dive into the details of becoming a Paladin. Have they started preparing for basic physical training? Or have they been hitting the books and reading up on all the history? Depict your Plush Dragon preparing to enroll in the Paladins course!

Writing Requirements:
-Minimum of 1 character
-Word count: 250-500; bonuses up to 1500 

Bonus Buttons:
-significant character interactions (NPCs or other users Plush Dragons. Limit 5) - +5 buttons per any extra PD 
-significant companion or mount interaction - +2 buttons per companion or mount

Art Requirements: 
-Minimum one full-body
-Detailed Background (at least 3 elements in the background, like clouds, birds, plants or trees.)

Bonus Buttons:
-other users PDs - +5 buttons per any extra PD (not including NPCs. Limit 5.)
-companions & mounts - +2 buttons per companion or companion



Reward Amount
Buttons 15
Faction Points 1
Seraphim Buttons 2
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