Plush Dragons 101: Knits

Created: 27 March 2023, 12:14:46 EDT
Last updated: 1 May 2023, 01:05:17 EDT

What Are Knits?

Knits are baby plush dragons, who were crafted and wished for, and are freshly hatched, ready to take on the world of Draelvary!

Some Knits (like the Saints) were wished for so strongly, they didn't need to be crafted at all!

All knits hatch with the traits they will have when they are fully grown, as well as their markings and patterns, though the owner can still always change them with certain potions, companions and trait items!

Knits may have simpler markings than their adult form, but certainly don't have to and can look exactly the same!

Knits have big, oversized paws and floppy ears ( no matter what ear trait they have!). Think of a puppy growing into their ears and paws! They also hatch with their fully grown wings, if they have any! Their wings will not grow any more. 


What are Knit eggs made of?

Knit eggs are made of a cocoon like structure.

Knits who have wings will have their wings wrap around the tougher surface, making the barrier form around the base of the wings, while knits who don't have wings, have a harder cocoon structure on the outside!

The egg, no matter if the knit has wings or not, will always show a little sneak peek of the knits colorings and markings!

Confetti (left) has wings, so her knit egg would be created by the wings themselves, whereas Roswell (right) does not have wings, so his egg would have a cocoon like structure protecting him!


How do Knits hatch?

Knits who have wings hatch differently than knits who do not have wings.

Knits who have wings: When the knit is ready, they unfold their wings slowly, and try to poke their way out of the thin structure that created a barrier between them, and their wings, similar to butterflies! Sometimes it can be quite fun to watch!

Knits who do not have wings: When the knit is ready, they will poke their way out off the cocoon like structure, often times being able to climb out reletively quickly since they dont have wings weighing them down!

All knit art was created by our lovely Ghosts!