Mod Mail

Created: 6 April 2022, 12:52:10 EDT
Last updated: 8 December 2023, 11:52:18 EST

Please use this form to anonymously leave the Mod Team some feedback! All reports MUST BE about the Plush Scouts species, community, ect.

Please note that any rule breaking or poor behavior will need proof provided. You can use anonymous image sharing websites like Imgur to submit proof!


Plush Scouts Modmail
Clicking the image will open the form for you to submit!


You can use this to:
report TOS abuse, bring poor behavior or mistreatment in the community to the mod's attention, leave anonymous suggestions or feed back about prompts, activities, ect. 

You cannot use this to:
air another user's personal situations, stir up personal drama between users, discuss personal grievances, ect.