Trait and Design Guide

Created: 7 July 2021, 01:37:21 EDT
Last updated: 12 October 2023, 12:20:04 EDT

Plush Dragon trait & design Guide

i. What traits are available?
ii. What traits are required?
iii. Editing and Upgrading

What traits are available?

The following are all of the current available traits. Please be aware that some traits require specific items, but the trait will specify that information in its description.

Common Traits
Uncommon Traits
Rare Traits
Alien Traits
Event Traits (Cherub, Crystalline, Haunted, Lux, Nudibranch, and Wild traits can be found here!)
Unique Traits
Special Traits
Seraphim Traits

What traits are required? 

The following traits are required on every single Plush Dragon’s masterlist entry, even if they are not visually present: 


In the case of traits that aren’t visually present, there is an option on the masterlist for this! While every Plush Dragon can have horns, a tail, and wings, not every Plush Dragon has them. In these cases, the proper traits would be No Horns, No Tail, and No Wings respectively. 

Editing and Upgrading

Plush Dragons can always be edited and updated within reason. Whether this is you just wanting to change their masterlist art, or give them a new fancy trait, it’s very doable! 

To upgrade a Plush Dragon's traits, you can purchase the corresponding items for upgrades from any of the siteshops. This will not require a Redesign item. 

To redesign or edit a Plush Dragon's larger markings or colors, you can purchase the Complete Redesign item from Cut & Stitch. 

Certain small edits are free, such as color saturation changes, removal of small markings, or slightly adjusting where markings sit on your Plush Dragon. If you aren’t sure what your desired edits would fall under, we always recommend asking a moderator just to double check!

Redesign Guide

When it comes to redesigning Plush Dragons there are some rules that need to be kept in mind!

  1. The design must resemble the original version. You cannot take a design and make it completely unrecognizable from what it once was. If you're looking to completely change a Plush Dragon, we recommend turning the design in to exchange for the items that would be required for the design. 
  2. You may remove and add colors, as well as markings and traits, but you must have the items corresponding to the traits if they're being changed, unless traits are being downgraded.  Ex: A rare to uncommon downgrade does NOT require an item, but a common to uncommon upgrade DOES require an item.
  3. You don't necessarily need a Complete Redesign to add or upgrade traits to an existing design, but it can be helpful if you plan to do a LOT to a design in its general appearance. Complete Redesigns are meant for things such as new markings, removing of markings, changing patterns, and adding or removing multiple colors.