Plush Dragons 101: The Basics

Created: 16 May 2022, 16:05:39 EDT
Last updated: 30 April 2023, 19:41:31 EDT

What are Plush Dragons?

Plush Dragons are unusual dragon-like plush animals that "come to life" when someone – or another Plush Dragon – makes a wish! They may vary tremendously by trait and type but all of them are fiercely loyal and affectionate to their friends and anyone they choose to be around.

How can I get one?

You may recieve a Plush Dragon by buying one from a designer, or perhaps adopting a Plush Dragon who is in need of a good home. Plush Eggs, used to make Plush Dragons by hand, are also common items that can be picked up from most stores, but you have to make a wish on them to bring the Plush Dragons to life! There are some tales of Plush Dragons that hatched in the wilderness and live on their own somewhere out there, but who knows how true those claims are?

How big do they get?

Plush Dragons vary in size based on what is comfortable for their living space and what is easiest for their caretakers, should they have any! For instance, an older couple may have a tiny, calm Aquatic Plush Dragon while a young person may have a large, stocky Dino-type. Height varies a lot from Plush Dragon to Plush Dragon, but they can be as tiny as the size of your palm, to over 6 and a half feet!

What do they eat?

Plush Dragons really don't have to eat but some (especially Dino-types or Hybrids) eat everything from socks to spaghetti out of boredom. There's no messes to be made as far as waste but you will be missing that sock, I guess. Poor you...

Where can they live?

Plush Dragons can live just about anywhere as long as they are cared for properly. This includes underwater, as Aquatic types originate from a city under the sea.

Do they need special environments?

Not necessarily, but some types do have their preferences. Dino-type and similarly active Plush Dragons really enjoy mud or sand piles to pillage through, while calmer types such as Unicorn and Aquatic typically enjoy pools of water or areas to relax and frolic. Standard-type Plush Dragons conform and enjoy almost any of these, or are just happy to be in the company of others.

What about toys & enrichment?

Plush Dragons enjoy every form of enrichment imaginable, whether it be another Plush Dragon or just a frozen piece of fruit. Some types have preferences based off of what they can play with in different circumstances: for instance, a rubber ducky for an Aquatic-type would be perfect in and out of water and wouldn't be ruined in its environment. It is best to keep the rowdiness and active lifestyle of your Plush Dragon in mind when buying enriching items as well, as some Plush Dragons will tear apart pillows or anything delicate before actually enjoying the item.

Can I have more than one Plush Dragon?

Of course! There are some types of Plush Dragons that are absolutely at their happiest with at least one fellow Plush Dragon to play and adventure with. Some Plush Dragons can be a little self centered, and demand significantly more attention of those around them but as far as it's been documented, so long as the individual Plush Dragons receive enough private space and attention they seem to get along swimmingly!

What if I can't afford another one yet?

No worries! The next best thing you can do for Plush Dragons to keep them from being lonely is to get them a companion animal plush. Some Plush Dragons have them from birth as a comfort item – like a security blanket, if you will – but for most others they must be gifted the toy after becoming established in their new home.

What are Companions?

Companions are small, plush animals that keep your Plush Dragon company and play with them! They can be either still, like a traditional plush, or living creatures like Plush Dragons themselves.

Does my plush dragon need one?

Companions aren't a diehard necessity for your Plush Dragon, but they don't hurt to have around just in case your baby ever get bored or lonely.

How do they work?

When given the toy before hatching from their fabric egg, the baby Plush Dragon inside – also known as a knit – is more likely to take on traits from their companion item. For example, a lion toy may grant a baby plush dragon a lion's tail or mane!

Giving a companion to your Plush Dragon can also simply mean
giving them a lifelong friend, but even fully grown Plush Dragons can occasionally take on attributes or traits from their new companion! It should be noted that not all companions are capable of upgrading your Plush Dragon's traits, however not that it makes them any less special to your Plush Dragon, of course!

What can I do with my Plush Dragon?

While Plush Dragons have a completely different world they come from, your Plush Dragon doesn’t have to live there, and you can even decide they don’t even know that Draelvary even exists!

We want Plush Dragons to be open to interpretation for everyone, so you can choose for them to simply be companions for other characters, or to live as their own sentient beings! There’s lots of options!

Some Plush Dragons can live their entire lives not knowing that Draelvary exists or ever going to visit. But if this is the case, when the Plush Dragons inevitably fall apart and die, they may be left wandering the world in which they did live, unable to move on.

How long do they live?

Because Plush Dragons are soulbound to the people and fellow Plush Dragons they spend time with, they can live for as little as 1 year or potentially infinitely. If someone recieves a Plush Dragon as a child and bonds with the animal, and then passes the animal down to their children and so on and so forth, the age limit can potentially be endless.

As long as the Plush Dragons receives love and attention from someone they are around for an extended period of time, they will always stay alive. However, a Plush Dragon that has been passed down from person to person many times is most likely going to exhibit signs of wear and tear in the form of patchwork and stitching.

What happens when a Plush Dragon dies?

Everything must end eventually, and while they have the ability to continue to live on forever, most Plush Dragons will choose to rest when they are ready. Having a near infinite life span can be very draining, and when a Plush Dragon is ready they are brought before Saint Tempest, the guardian of the Lush and the Barren. Though it does not speak, Saint Tempest brings about an aura of calmness. It's soft, gentle paws guide the Plush Dragons in to the cathedral and out of the snow, to the great hall before them.

The Lush and The Barren are the places where Plush Dragons may go when they have lived out their lives to their fullest, or when their plush form has been damaged beyond repair. They are guided carefully and gently, as it is a peaceful process, much like drifting off for an afternoon nap in warm sunshine. Plush Dragons whose spirits reside in The Lush are at ease and appear as themselves at the age they were happiest. They know no pain, no struggle. Everyday is bright and wonderful, and Plush Dragons who know of the location of Saint Tempest can even travel to The Lush for a visit as often as they’d like! However, The Barren is a place where no Plush Dragon wishes to go. It is up to the fates before them where they may reside once their time has drawn to a close, though it is said that only the darkest of hearts are forced to wander The Barrens.

Plush Dragon reincarnation is not unheard of, although it depends on the individual if this is the path they would like to take. When Plush Dragons do reincarnate, they do not carry or hold memories from their previous lives, everything is started over as a clean, fresh slate.

What type is right for me?

Plush Dragons come in many shapes and sizes, based around what their creation wish is. Wishing for a Plush Dragon with boundless energy and a love of playing can give you an excitable Dino-subtype Plush Dragon, while wishing for a quiet reading companion is more likely to grant you a Cherub-subtype! If you wish for a brand new Plush Dragon who is new to the world, and want a little bit of a challenge, it can give you a knit!


All knits hatch with the traits they will have when they are fully grown, as well as their markings and patterns, though the owner can still always change them with certain potions, companions and trait items! Knits may have simpler markings than their adult form, but certainly don't have to and can look exactly the same!


The most common and the most varied of all Plush Dragons. They may be winged, wingless, horned, hornless. These are your average Plush Dragons that don’t fit into any of the other subtypes, all common!


Dino Plush Dragons are often very rowdy, excitable Plush Dragons. Not terribly different from the likes of a standard Plush Dragon, this subtyping gains scales and the ability to have spines down their backs and tails, along with a set of three horns on their head. Dino Plush Dragons love to rough house and play around, both with other Plush Dragons and other critters! Young Dinos are the most likely subtype to get into trouble unintentionally, so be patient and ready to help them learn!


Aquatic Plush Dragons are at home in just about any body of water. They enjoy swimming, or basking in the sunshine beside a big body of water. The perfect companions to join you on a boating adventure or a trip to the beach! Equipped with finned tails and gills, and often other finned appendages, they’re built for the water! Aquatics have a distinct gift to transform themselves into a purely finned form, aside from their forepaws! If you’re looking to go scuba diving or do some more intense swimming, they make a great companion! Lots of Aquatic Plush Dragons work as life guards at swimming pools and beaches alike.


Foo Plush Dragons are often larger than most of their peers, and while they can often appear intimidating, they are very patient and as kind as any other Plush Dragon. These Plush Dragons are suitable companions for those living alone, looking for a gentle protector to be at their side. These are known to have curly tails, and thick whiskers around their snouts, and are able to create tiny flames to help light fires – great for candles and fireplaces! Foo-subtype Plush Dragons are intelligent and patient, and often can make good emotional support companions, as well as incredibly gifted therapy animals.


Unicorn Plush Dragons were once thought to be snobby and haughty, but with a patient heart you can see their true colors. Often hiding their true dispositions behind this snobby demeanor, waiting to see that they can truly trust someone before letting their guard down. They’re often noted by their unicorn horns, and soft furry manes and tails.


An interesting accidental in-between, Hybrid Plush Dragons often have the best of both worlds! They have very pleasant temperaments, and can be as active and feisty as a Dino, or as calm and quiet as a Unicorn! You'll often spot hybrids with all sorts of interesting traits, from longer fur and unicorn horns, to scales and even webbed paws and finned tails! 


Munchkin Plush Dragons are a subtype a little stranger than their peers. These Plush Dragons were created exclusively by manipulating genetics to give them their tiny sizes and thick furry coats. They show up as often as Standard type Plush Dragons, and next to them are the second most common. They don't seem to know how much their growth has been stunted, and regular Plush Dragons will happily interact with them regardless. They aren't quite built for exploring like normal Plush Dragons, but they'll figure out a way for themselves! They are most noted to have a Small Stature, chubbier limbs, and can have a lot of fur!


Truly a fascination anomaly, Alien Plush Dragons contain some very abnormal traits. These Plush Dragons can often float or fly, without wings of any kind necessary. They're mysterious and mischievous, and are often noted by their three toed paws, compared to a typical Plush Dragons four toes on each paw. They can have entirely blacked out eyes, and interesting, abnormal textures to their bodies. 


Cherub Plush Dragons are very catlike in their behavior, and very friendly. These Plush Dragons love to climb and make noise, whether just to “chirp” at their fellow Plush Dragons and companions, or just because they like to hear themselves. They can be a little destructive of furniture with their claws, but are charming and sugar sweet. They’re noted to have feline tails, feathered ears and wings, and a downy texture across most of their bodies.


Haunted Plush Dragons are often where Plush Dragons make the change from happy companions to naughty trouble makers. Most Haunted-subtype Plush Dragons like to make trouble, and cause a ruckus. While Cherubs and Foos are often viewed as a sign of Good Luck, Haunted Plush Dragons are always associated with Bad Luck. These Plush Dragons are assumed to be plagued by dark spirits and energy, although it’s yet to be proven.


One of the rarest subtypes outside of Draelvary. These Plush Dragons are incredibly intelligent and capable of holding conversations on a human level. But they’re careful and secretive, so you’ll have to be patient and work hard to earn their trust before they’ll start telling you their secrets. Noted to almost always have three sets of wings, these Plush Dragons also have opalescent eyes.


Plush Dragons carrying special traits are the most rare outside of Draelvary. These Plush Dragons often have extra limbs, or can remove body parts at will. They can also be truly enormous, towering over both Plush Dragons and humans alike. Some Plush Dragons of this subtype have only been seen very briefly, and are often confused with real-world cryptids.

Plush Dragons in Draelvary vs Plush Dragons elsewhere

While home in Draelvary, most Plush Dragons prefer to maintain themselves in their bipedal forms, though this is not always the case! It is up to the individuals discretion how they present themselves, and there are no set rules and limitations of that sort in Draelvary.

When traveling to other worlds, most Plush Dragons prefer their quadrupedal forms. They’re more inconspicuous this way, and can go unnoticed when exploring or studying. If a Plush Dragon takes on the companionship of a human or other being not of Draelvary, their bipedal forms and home are kept secret, if they’re aware of them at all. Plush Dragons blend into the worlds to which they travel with ease, but it is up to each Plush Dragon to keep their home world a secret and safely hidden behind the portals they can encounter after midnight.

Time in Draelvary moves tremendously faster than that of other worlds, so while a Plush Dragon may be gone visiting Draelvary for a matter of weeks, very little time has passed in the human or other worlds, often being that of just minutes, or hours. This gives the Plush Dragons the ability to live with a paw in each world, able to explore Draelvary to their hearts content should they choose to, and the ability to live the relaxing, easy life of a life long companion to another being.

The bonds Plush Dragons share help them to thrive and to live. A Plush Dragon’s time is technically infinite, should they have friends or other beings they bond and interact with. Plush Dragons “feed” off of the magic of these bonds, every interaction helps to make their magic stronger, and their lives even longer! These bonds can be just among Plush Dragons and their companions, or between a Plush Dragon and human, or anything in between!