Claim & Prompt Submissions Guide

Created: 5 December 2021, 03:32:38 EST
Last updated: 5 December 2021, 03:41:08 EST

Welcome to the Plush Dragons submissions guide. This Guide will show you how to create submissions for claims and prompts on the website.

  1. On the button beside your username, click the Submit drop down menu. 
  2. Once you’ve clicked the drop down, there are a few options. Depending on what you’re submitting, you’ll click a different option. If you’re submitting to a prompt, you’ll click the submit prompt button. If it’s for a claim, you’ll click submit claim. We’ll cover surrenders and reports in a future guide, so for right now we’ll focus on Prompts and Claims. 
  3. Let’s start with prompts. When you click the submit prompt button, it will bring you to a new page. There will be a drop down menu where you can select the prompt you’re submitting to. If a prompt is not showing up in the drop down list, it may have expired. If this is the case and you aren’t sure, please reach out to the staff. You can select the prompt here, and in the box below place the URL to your image or writing. Many users use or Toyhouse.

  4. Below the URL box is a box for comments. This is where you would put your breakdown for currency, or your character's response to Scooby or Roswell if it is for Planetarium or Scooby’s Stash. 

  5. When a prompt is selected, the default rewards will be filled. If you have exceeded the requirements for the prompt, the Add Reward button would be your next stop. Clicking this button will allow you to add extra items, or currency if you’ve earned them and they are not a default portion of this prompt. 

  6. Below is the Add Character button. If it is for Scooby’s Stash, Roswell’s Planetarium, or a Guild Quest, the Plush Dragon doing the quest MUST be linked. You can insert their character code to link them. Example: PD-058. 

  7. Beneath is a tab for your inventory and bank. If you’re submitting a prompt where you turn in an item or buttons, such as Roswell’s Planetarium to turn in items or buy a rocket ticket from him, you would insert those items there. 

  8. Click submit, and you’re done! 

  9. Claims work very similarly to prompts. The only difference when submitting claims is there is no Prompts drop down to select from. When submitting multiple claims, we suggest writing NA for the main URL, and adding your links into the comment box, along with your currency breakdown. Claims must have all currency rewards added in manually by the user. Other than those differences, claims are done the same way as prompts.