Item Transfer Guide

Created: 5 December 2021, 02:39:18 EST
Last updated: 5 August 2023, 10:29:06 EDT

The below guide will detail transferring an item to a character, to another user, or donating the item. We'll also detail opening a box item.

Transferring From User to Character and User to User

Please be advised that if you would like to use a trait a certain companion grants your plushdragon, you must send in your MYO design with the companion added into the add-on section of the design submission. Staff will grant you your companion manually. Do not transfer the companion yourself as staff will need to check and make sure everything is in order.

  1. To transfer an item to another user, go to your inventory page and select the item you would like to transfer. In this example, it’ll be this Cake Topper Companion.

  2. Once you click the item, it’ll open a separate menu. On this menu, it will display how the item was obtained, its quantity, and then four drop down menus at the bottom.

  3. Select one of the check boxes, and then the amount of the item you would like to transfer. If the checkbox is not selected on the item, it will give you an error saying quantities were not set and that no items were selected when trying to transfer. 
  4. Click the dropdown titled Transfer to Character, or Transfer Item.

  5. For transferring to a character, there will be a box where you can select your Plush Dragons to send the item to their inventory. This is most common with Companions. From here you only need to click transfer to add it to your characters inventory.

  6. For transferring to another user, you'll click the Transfer Item drop down. This will pull up a drop down where you can scroll or type to select the user you would like to transfer to. 

  7. Once you’ve found the user you’d like to transfer the item to, click Transfer down in the lower right corner. 

  8. You should get a transfer successful notification on the next page.

Donating an Item

  1. Select the item in your inventory, the same as when going to transfer. 
  2. Instead of clicking the transfer drop downs, click the Donate Item drop down. Be sure to still check the box for the item and its quantity in case you only want to donate one.
  3. The site will not give any option to undo a donation once it is done. If you're sure you'd like to donate the item, click the donate button. 


Opening a Box

  1. For opening an item that is labeled as a box, select the item in your inventory. This is most common for MYO slots and awards.
  2. On the screen that pops up, check the box for the item and click on the Open Box menu. 
  3. Click the open button in the lower right corner.
  4. Done! Your new items, badges, or currency will go directly into your inventory. If it was for an MYO Slot that MYO Slot will now appear in your MYO Slot inventory as well as one the MYO Slot Masterlist.