Rules & Terms of Service

Created: 31 May 2020, 09:44:36 EDT
Last updated: 29 September 2023, 20:09:00 EDT

Breaking any of these rules, dependent on severity, can result in a temporary suspension or permanent ban. 

Effective 12/01/2021: PlushScouts works on a three strike system, dependent on severity of rules or terms broken, a ban is permissible at three offenses. 

1st offense (Strike 1 )- warning 
2nd offense (Strike 2) - warning, potential temporary suspension
3rd offense (Strike 3) - final warning, suspension, possible permanent ban

In extreme cases, there are grounds for immediate ban without discussion. This includes but is not limited to: threatening violence towards staff or other users, harassment of staff or other members, chargebacks or impeding payments related to Plush Dragons.

Users are expected to follow TOS both through the website and the Discord Server.

If you as a user are banned, you are allowed to keep your characters, but understand that they will no longer be Plush Dragons while they remain under your ownership. They will be voided from the species unless traded or sold to another user.

If your reason for a ban was from a chargeback, or theft of a character from another user, the previous user or artist selling/trading the Plush Dragon will retain ownership of the design and are able to resell or trade at their discretion. 

Plush Dragons will never reclaim a design unfairly. We will never revoke a design from you without just cause, such as chargebacks, theft, or other extreme cases that may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Please be kind to each other and have fun! We aim for this to be as relaxed of an atmosphere as possible!

Terms of Service 


I. Payment
II. Ownership, Trading, Selling
III. Edits & Design Use
IV. MYO Slots
V. Payment Plans
VI. Voiding

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Plush Dragon TOS:
These are the guidelines for buying, selling, trading, and so forth for Plush Dragons.

I. Payment:

I(a). All sales will be completed in USD(US dollars) via
I(b). Payment is required within 48 hours of an auction ending, or 24 hours within any other purchase concerning Plush Dragons or the design/slot/etc will be resold.
I(c). Auctions will end 24 hours after the final bid, with a 2 hour snipe guard, unless otherwise stated in sales post.
I(d). Accounts who are under 2 weeks old or empty will not be allowed to purchase a Plush Dragon design.
I(e). We (luneflowyr and sunflowyr) reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone.

II. Ownership, Trading, Selling:

II(a). Ownership of a Plush Dragon is given when the design balance is fully paid and files are granted to the new owner.
II(b). You may only sell a Plush Dragon design for what it was originally purchased for. (This includes approved MYO designs)
II(c). You may only sell a Plush Dragon if you are the original buyer or have bought it from another owner.
II(d). You may trade, sell, or gift a Plush Dragon to anyone not blacklisted in the community.
II(e)  You may trade (voucher) Plush Dragons or MYO Slots for anything with direct monetary value, ex. Autobuy offers, gift cards, real items, etc. The voucher amount must be equal to or less than the original selling price of the PD, even if you didn’t buy them. Proof must be provided in the case that the original sale amount is not publicly available.  Please note: once a Plush Dragon has been vouchered once they are no longer able to be sold directly and can only be vouchered or traded in the future. MYO slots purchased via USD can also be vouchered, but designs not purchased in USD (such as with buttons on site or won by raffle) are NOT eligible for the voucher rule. 
II(f). You can trade, sell, or gift MYO Slots. 
II(g). All approved MYO designs have a two week cool down period before they are able to be traded or sold to prevent designs being created only to be used as trade fodder.
II(h). Trades and sales must be notified to the PlushScouts team as soon as possible.

III. Edits & Design Use:

III(a). Minor edits are allowed with approval from the PlushScouts team. (Rule of thumb: The design must be recognizable even with an edit.)
III(b). Major edits can be purchased via a Redesign Ticket from the MYO Store.
III(c). Giving traits not suitable for your Plush Dragon's type is prohibited. Ex: Giving a common Plush Dragon a unicorn horn.
III(d). Editing or drawing onto the original design artwork by other artists is not allowed.
III(e). Plush Dragons are a closed species. They are not free to create. Illegitimate designs will be ignored by the group.
III(f). As of 01/19/2022(January 19th, 2022), Plush Dragons will no longer be allowing characters who are heavily based on copyrighted characters.

Previously, we didn’t mind characters being inspired, but as things progress and we’ve seen some designs come to light, the decision has been made unanimously to no longer allow these types of designs. It can be a tricky and often slippery slope dealing with designs based on previously existing IPs and characters, and while Plush Dragons is a place of fun and relaxation, we do need to take legal copyrights and such seriously.

****Please note this has no effect on making a Plush Dragon form of a character that you own!**

IV. MYO Slots:

IV(a). MYO slots are unavailable outside of events hosted by PlushScouts.
IV(b). Unused MYO slots may be traded, gifted, or sold.
IV(c). MYO designs are to be approved by sending in an approval ticket.
IV(d). MYO designs may not be sold for more than what they are originally purchased for. Ex: You buy a slot for $88, you must sell for $88 or lower.
IV(e). MYO designs can be traded for anything with direct monetary value, ex: Autobuy offers, gift cards, real items, etc.
IV(f). MYO slots/designs may not be traded in instances that involve the design being created for someone else and then trading it after for another design.

V. Payment Plans:

V(a). Payment plans are available for any purchase over $300.
V(b). A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to purchase the design.
V(c). Payments of $100 minimum every 30 days from purchase or previous payment are required until the design is paid in full.
V(d). You do not own your Plush Dragon until you pay for the design in full. Be aware of this when commissioning art, participating in the group, etc.
V(e). Backing out of a payment plan for a non-legitimate reason or attempting to chargeback payments will result in a permanent blacklist for future sales.
V(f). If the cancellation of a payment plan occurs while a payment plan is in progress, you will only receive a refund of the money sent within the last 30 days of cancellation, excluding the deposit.
VI. Voiding

Voiding of Existing Designs

Designs may be voided after two weeks of ownership on your account and no sooner.

For users requesting to void designs, please read over the following guidelines and understand that Voiding a Plush Dragon is entirely permanent. The only way to re-instate a design would be by earning or purchasing all associated items.

When deciding to void a design, please contact the PlushScouts staff via the claim system of the website, or in the help channel of our discord.

When voiding a design:

  1. Resale: this falls under the jurisdiction of the original character's artist/designer(s). Please contact the original designer/artist and follow their own required terms of service. Please note that exclusively as a Plush Dragon, the design no has no monetary value. (The design may retain value as a design solely, per designer/artist TOS.)
  2. Display: The character can no longer publicly be described as a “Plush Dragon” or tied with the CS in anyway. This includes but is not limited to, companions, inventory items, html coding including any and all site assets (images or otherwise). The character may be referred to as a Plush or Toy, but NOT as a “Plush Dragon”. Anywhere art of the character is displayed depicting them as a Plush Dragon, it must be stated that the character has been voided, the date it was voided, and that it is no longer associated with Plush Dragons, PlushScouts, or anything to do with the group and species. Ex: voided as a Plush Dragon from PlushScouts as of 01/01/2022. Month/Date/Year format.


  1. The Plush Dragons site will entirely clear the masterlist of this character entry. This includes but is not limited to; any and all traits, design credits, art credits, images, value, and ownership history. If you want to keep this information intact, we recommend taking a screenshot for you own personal records as removal from the site puts this information explicitly in your hands and your responsibility to be aware of.
  2. The character will be completely removed in any form aside from and not limited to; individual user art, design examples, commercial use for advertising the artist/designers work.
  3. The masterlist number previously assigned to this Plush Dragon will be given to a new Plush Dragon at the discretion of staff. It will figuratively be as if your character never existed on the masterlist.


If you have any questions, please contact staff directly. Thank you!


Code of Conduct/Blacklist:

General Information:

✦ We (luneflowyr and sunflowyr) expect the same amount of professionalism and kindness we give to our customers, our followers, and members of this species.
✦ Harassing, guilt-tripping, whining, or anything similar to the moderators or members will not be tolerated.
✦ If you have a problem with the mod team, the members, the way sales are made, etc. please message us privately.
✦ Intentionally initiating a negative response by leaving a negative comment or similar will not be tolerated. Your comment will be deleted.
✦ Spamming claims, questions, or anything else that might be considered harassment will not be tolerated.

Mods Team's Responsibilities:

✦ The mod team are humans. If we mess up, nicely tell us and we will work with you to fix it.
✦ If you feel a mod or a guest artist has treated you unfairly, contact sunflowyr or luneflowyr directly for assistance.
✦ We want this to be a fun space. Therefore, unnecessary negativity will be handled privately and swiftly.
✦ If you have any feedback, negative or positive, for us, please message us directly!

Warning/Blacklist Behavior:

✘ Harassing, guilt tripping, whining, etc. to any of our members, mods, etc. ⋆ Warning
✘ Attempting to resell designs for much more than they are worth, trading or selling MYO slots, etc. ⋆ Warning 
✘ Harassing an owner for a PD you might want. Do not openly discuss pining or stalking for a PD that is already owned and not up for trade or sale.  Warning 
✘ Attempting to incite negativity in comments by posting an unnecessary comment rather than noting us privately. ⋆ Warning
✘ Creating a Plush Dragon without a MYO slot and then trying to use/trade the design. ⋆ Warning
✘ Insulting mods, the group, members, etc. in polls or journals (NOT criticism or a "review") ⋆ Warning

------------------Blacklist Behavior------------------

✘ Repeating any of the "Warning" behaviors after being officially warned twice.
✘ Knowingly purchasing or commissioning custom designs of illegitimate Plush Dragons.
✘ Selling a Plush Dragon design that is illegitimate or that you do not have selling rights to.
✘ Creating a Paypal dispute or filing a chargeback for a deposit or payment.
✘ Creating and selling Plush Dragons or designs who are undeniably "rip offs" of Plush Dragons.
✘ Displaying "red flag" behavior once payment is asked for, ex: Switching accounts/usernames frequently to avoid blacklists, switching Paypal accounts frequently.
✘ Refusing to comply to the TOS.
✘ Chargebacks to official guest artists or owners. 
✘ Blocking of either owner on any social media. We have to be able to communicate effectively with members of our group. Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate ban.
✘ Threats of bodily harm toward users or staff.

Thank you for reading this! If you have any questions please let us know.

Currently Banned Users 

Please do not harass these users in any way shape, or form, their inclusion on this page is merely to provide information to our users so they are not deceived by banned users from the community with trades/sales/etc.

plushystuff - banned 8/7/23 

Reason for ban: Repetitive cases of art theft, even after being asked to change image or credit artist. Was not limited to the species; tracing multiple user’s personal art and claiming as their own on toyhouse. Had encouraged a member to break resale rules. Violations piled up quickly, and therefore an immediate ban was put into place to protect the community.
Currently also known as: dragonerous, peko, draknstein, byleth

wolfie_sparks - banned 8/26/23 

Reason for ban: Numerous rule violations.
Currently also known as: