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March Newsletter

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Welcome to Flora and Fauna fest!

Flora & Fauna Fest: 2023

What is Flora and Fauna fest? 

Flora and Fauna fest is a yearly event celebrating the coming of spring and awakening of nature all across Draelvary! After a long, cold winter, all sorts of creatures are coming out of hibernation and making themselves known!
Introducing: the Wild subtype!
This fascinating event-rarity subtype has access to a whole host of new traits that can be found during the spread of March through April, the time when Flora and Fauna fest is going on all over! These interesting Plush Dragons are found exclusively, well, in the wild! Wild type Plush Dragons are keenly tied to nature, down to the way their eggs appear to the traits they display! 
Wild subtype traits are innately nature involved and related, you’ll see lots of traits pertaining to plants and animals respectively! From flower petals for wings to Hercules beetle horns, there’s all sorts of fun new traits to take a look at! Now your Plush Dragons can be made of fire, water, stone.. they can fly about the Sunflower Fields with Elytra Wings or climb the forest trees with ease using their Pawsome Paws! There are so many pawsabilities for your Plush Dragon to really become one with nature, and we're sure you'll love finding each and every one of them!
In addition to these traits, you’ll see that St. Luce has been hard at work crafting up some new recipes to share with you and your Plush Dragons! There’s lots of fun new items to craft and gather, and lots of new ways to access some items and traits. Expect more recipes to come out slowly with our rollovers, we’re working hard to keep your paws awfully full! 
We've also seemed to uncover a strangely magical new place hidden away in Draelvary! The Enchanted Forest is similar to mining, though it's much more mysterious. Make sure to grab your Foraging Kit every day and open it to uncover the forest's secrets... or maybe just take home a cute new buddy from your travels! So many new abilities, traits, and items are just waiting for you to uncover them from the forest's depth!
A more in-depth guide will be coming soon to further explain and expand on traits, so remember to check the site often for more upcoming news!
And what better way to celebrate this new event than with a Draw-To-Adopt? We’ll be announcing more details soon, but this DTA will run from March 10th until April 28th! Stay tuned for further details!
The updates just keep coming! Plush Parties will begin again the weekend of March 10th. Keep your eyes (and party hats!) peeled for more info coming soon!
The Enchanted Forest Foraging should be open no later than 03/05, but we'll let you know as soon as its open! 
As always, we have new puzzles with new goodies awaiting you this month, so don't forget to pop by the prompts and see what's waiting there for you!

Vela’s Valentines 2023

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Good afternoon, Plushies!

This month we have *Saint Vela* back in Draelvary again! If you’ve never met her, she’s a bubbly, energetic Plush Dragon, and the eldest child of Solemn and Somber. She’s devoted to love and every form that it comes in, and lots of Plush Dragons try to take her offerings to get her favor!

With the beginning of the month we have Vela’s Valentines open! Functioning similarly to our Secret Santa event, you’ll fill out our google form here!

Then, our lovely Yue will pair you up with someone to do an exchange of art!

Sign ups open today 02/01, and close on 02/08 at 11:59pm EST. We’ll be looking for pieces to be posted from 02/25 to 03/10, just to make sure everyone has lots of time to work on their pieces!

Art for this exchange does *not* have to be inherently lovey-dovey, unless it’s requested!

We hope you’re as excited as we are!

The PlushScouts Team

February News Letter

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Happy February, Plushies!

It’s hard to believe January went by so darn fast, but here we are! As usual, we have a fun set up of new monthly puzzle prompts for you to poke around and explore for some fun goodies! 💖

And since it’s February once again, that means Vela’s Valentines will be returning! So stay tuned for an announcement all about it later today!

It is still a chilly winter in Draelvary, but spring is almost here! If you’re trying to get any of the benefits or rewards from our winter prompts *February is the last month you’ll be able to them until next winter*! On top of this, please remember Cherub Traits go out of stock when Winter ends as well, so February will be the last time you see them for quite a while!

We have some rather *love*ly prompts returning this month as well, so your Plush Dragon can show their appreciation to their special someone! We encourage you to stop by and check it out!

Our announcement is a little short this month, but trust us that we can feel something rumbling about for when spring comes.. we hope you’ll be as excited to see as we’ll be to share!

The PlushScouts Team

January Newsletter: Happy New Year 2023!

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Happy New Year, Plushies!!!

We’re so sincerely excited to have had each and every one of you with us last year, and can’t wait to get to share with you everything we have planned this coming year as well!

January is here, and that means every Plush Dragon in Draelvary is here and ready to celebrate the Light Festival once again! If you haven’t been in Draelvary for the Light Festival before, we definitely think you’re in for a treat! This festival is all about celebrating the New Year and ringing it in as loudly and excitedly as possible! With the Light Festival comes the return of access to the Lux subtype of traits, traits for Plush Dragons who really love to show off their inner and outer spark!

Winter is still going strong through Draelvary, and it sure doesn’t seem like this snow will be letting up anytime soon, so be sure to bundle up when you head out to play!

While you’re out and exploring Draelvary, be sure to stop by Cut & Stitch so PawPaw can hand out your very first gift for this year! He’s been working pawfully hard on them!

There’s some fun returning prompts this month, as well as some new worksheet prompts our staff have put together for you. Be sure to stop in and check them out, word searches are such fun!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you all in Draelvary again this year, and I know Confetti does too!

*Thank you for being here with us! 💖*

**The PlushScouts Team**

December News Letter

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Salutations, Plushies!

We hope everyone had a wonderful November, and a fabulous fall season! As we say goodbye to the scent of pumpkin spice and autumnal costumes and decorations, we welcome in Winter to Draelvary! The first snow is already here, dusting the most northern areas in a delicate powder! What a sight to see!

Since the events of Permafrost last year, Celeste has found a happy permanent home! If you weren’t here for the four part quest last year, don’t fret! Permafrost is back again and will return each year for the entire Winter season!

Since the weather seems to have returned to normal, the Herald of Winter has returned! Frostfall Wayfarer, as she’s often called, had her hooves absolutely full last year, so she wasn’t seen around Draelvary! With her return to her normal duties you’ll also find her partner, Saint Polaris not too far behind her!

Given that December tends to be a busy month all over, we have no Paws On prompt this month, or a word search/crossword/word scramble. December has lots of holidays in it throughout the world, and with the amount of other activities coming this month we elected to leave them out, we hope you can understand!

We sincerely hope everyone has a wonderful month, and as always hope to see you enjoying what Draelvary has to offer!

We’re in #help in the discord if you need us as always, thank you!

The PlushScouts Team

Holiday Announcement!

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Good evening Plushies!  
With the U.S. holiday coming up this week, our staff, whether they celebrate Thanksgiving or not, have the day off. No submissions will be approved on the 24th. Normal operations will continue on the 25th!
If you do celebrate, we hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving! If you do not, we wish you the best day ever! Even if that is drawing or writing up those prompts that end next week Wednesday! 

November News Letter

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Happy November, Plushies! Hauntober has come and gone, and we hope you had lots of fun with the festivities~! It seems the Monstrous Werewolf Companions have all been rounded up, and all the rogue spirits have been dealt with, thanks to everyone's help - St. Cerridwen & Sybil sicerely thank you for your aid! It also seems like Lush Plush is no longer stocking Haunted Trait Items, but there's always next year! 🎃

The last month of fall won't be featuring any special events, but you can still enjoy the rest of the season with the new prompts we've prepared for you! Why don't you go take a look?

We've also got some new exclusive items in rotation at The Regal Parlor, our Pawtreon exclusive store! It features a special currency and a selection of items that changes every month, so if you'd like to shop there, consider pledging to the Pawtreon - for that & many more goodies you can't get anywhere else~!

We hope you all have a lovely month, and enjoy the rest of fall - the winter months will surely have much in store, but for now, sip your pumpkin spice lattes and decorate for the season while you still can! 🍂🍁🍂

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop by #help in the Discord server!

The Plush Scouts Team

Hauntober News Letter

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Happy Hauntober, Plushies!

To start off this very spooky month, we have a Hauntober Scavenger Hunt!

If you were with us for Hauntober last year, you’ll probably be pretty familiar with Monstrous Form, but we’ll give you an extra run down, just in case!

What is Monstrous Form?

Monstrous Form allows your Plush Dragon to take on different forms! These forms are often a larger, more terrifying version of their normal appearance, but that’s not the only thing they’re used for!

Does your Plush Dragon want a third eye? Some extra wings? An extra body part? These are all very possible with this trait! It can shift around their color palettes, although the design must still resemble itself!

Monstrous Form Plush Dragons can swap between their forms at will, and if they obtain enough items can even have *multiple Monstrous Forms*!

If you’re interested in gaining a Monstrous Form, it sounds like you’ll need to be **Seeking the Moon** in the Event Prompts tab! 🌙

In addition to the return of Seeking the Moon, we have a new event quest line; Shadows Within. This spooky story has to do with our proper Hauntober Host, Cerridwen! Cerridwen, who often goes by Cerri, is a kind but mischievous Plush Dragon. She knows just what it is that goes bump in the night, and she wants to teach you too! Drop by our event quests to say hello and see if you’d like a peek at what she has to teach you!

Hauntober is an exciting and very busy month for most Plush Dragons, as so many love to dress up and spook each other! We sure hope you’re as excited as we are to join in on the fun!

If you have any questions, as always, we’re available in #help in the Discord!

**Happy Hauntober!!**

*The Plush Dragons Team*

Pawtreon Launch!

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Good evening plushies!
We come with great news!  Our PlushScouts Patreon, also known as Pawtreon, is officially launched, and we couldn’t be more excited! There are multiple tiers available, with no subscriber cap! Please visit the link below if you’re interested, and want to see what Pawtreon has to offer!  
With the launch of our Patreon, this does mean discord server boosters will no longer be shown previews of designs, companions etc. as we felt that would be a great incentive for our patrons. However, boosters will still receive their booster goodies!  
As always, thank you all for being here in PlushScouts with us. We couldn’t do this without any of you!  
-Lune and Sunnie

Build a Buddy Contest (2022)

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It's Contest Time!


What if your Plush Dragon could create their own unique companion? Your Plush Dragon has decided to try and do just that. With their supplies in paw and a head full of ideas, they start cutting and sewing!

The Prizes:


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3 winners get official art of their companion, a limited badge, the original crafted companion, and a special pin!
All participants are awarded a limited Badge and and the Crafted Companion!
Even if you don't win, you get to keep the companion you created MINUS the upgrade!
We may increase the number of winners if we get a lot of participants!!

The Basics:

✂ All members of PlushScouts can participate!
✂ The End Date for this event is September 25th at 11:59PM EST!
✂ You can only enter once!
✂ Created companions can have one upgrading ability to just about anything you desire. Any trait, any rarity -- even beyond that. Even traits that don't exist!
✂ Entries must show your Plush Dragon and the companion they created!
✂ If you win, your will be granted your official companion with its upgrade!
✂ Winners will be judged by the mod team. We are looking for creativity above all!

To Enter:

✂ Drawings for this event must be submitted to the Entries Gallery!
✂ Drawings must include your Plush Dragon and the companion they create. If you don't have a Plush Dragon, you can use one of the NPCs!
✂ You must be a member of PlushScouts to participate in this contest!
✂️ Entries are required to be colored, but can have sketchy lines and no shading! 


A reminder: This event ends on SEPTEMBER 25th at 11:59PM EST!

If you have any questions or anything, please don't hesitate to ask! :heart:

The PlushScouts Team