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February 2024 Newsletter

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Happy February, Plushies!


The first month of 2024 has come and gone, but that just means a new month of fun activities for you to try! February will see the return of a few old prompts, but there are plenty of new ones, too - we have our monthly puzzles, as well as brand new Valentine's themed monthly prompts, including a couple that give out items that grant a very special trait: Amalgam

This ability allows Plush Dragons who are closely bonded - whether they be family, friends or romantic partners - to fuse together into one being. It is the most powerful act two Plush Dragons can achieve, and it requires a very special bond. It is a truly one of a kind experience for a PD.

We also have a couple of new badges for completing prompts, so to all of the collectors out there, be sure to check them out!



 Saint Vela is very stoked about all the festivities, and she's looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful pieces for Vela's Valentines - which you can turn in & reveal to your partner starting on 02/14.

There's also a special little gift for all the holiday aficionados at Cut & Stitch, make sure to drop by and grab yours, for it'll only be available until the end of the month! 

❄️Unfortunately it seems like the weather has yet to let up, so Planetarium doors remain frozen - we hope Roswell is doing okay in there! - and Scooby remains in her deep slumber... But fear not, Confetti will still be at the fishing hole for Ice Fishing throughout the month of February, so you'll get to spend some quality time with her still! 🎣

Lastly, we'd like to announce our lovely SomniumSeraph will be going on maternity leave partway through February, so we ask that you please not contact her during her absence! You're free to use the #help channel in the discord for any of your questions - the rest of our moderation team will be happy to answer them for you, so please don't hesitate to reach out to the rest of us! 

We hope you'll enjoy the month's festivities, we all worked hard to make February a fun-filled month for all of you! 

The PlushScouts Team

January 2024 Newsletter

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Happy New Year, Plushies!

Rollover is here and that means all prompts have switched over for the month, so be sure to check out what's new! I think there might even be something special waiting for you in Cut & Stitch to help ring in the New Year~
Brrr, is it cold in here or is just the snow still covering Draelvary? Okay, I guess it might be both! The winter season is still going strong so make sure you stay warm while exploring out there! 
It seems like the Planetarium & Scooby's Stash got hit hardest by the winter storm and seem to be frozen over! But this weather grants the perfect opportunity to go ice fishing.. All month you can visit the Ice Fishing prompt every Saturday and fish up something fun!
Friendly reminder that all Secret Santa pieces are due in by the 6th of this month! Please make sure you submit them by the deadline!
Last but not least, we'd love to take a moment to thank you! We've decorated eggs together, cursed some socks, and found some yetis - but most important of all, we got to spend a fun filled year with all of you! 2023 was great, and as sad as we are to see it go, we can't wait to welcome in 2024 with open paws!
  The Plush Scouts Team 

December 2023 Newsletter

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Hello there, Plushies! We hope you've brought your hat and gloves, because things around here are starting to feel a little chilly..

December is here and with it comes a vast blanket of fresh fluffy snow across Draelvary. Plush Dragons everywhere can be found building snow forts, having snowball fights, and making snow dragons, and we can't wait to celebrate the season with you!


❄️ The weather change seems to have brought a frosty new friend in with the snow! Snowbuddy will be visiting from December 1st at 12:30 AM to December 25th at 11:59 PM and he's even brought some special goodies for you and your Plush Dragon. You can pay him a visit by clicking here!

❄️  PlushScout Paraders is focused on very own Fucal this month, so don't forget to stop by their prompt and show them some love!

❄️As always, we have returning prompts and brand new ones, so make sure to give them a peek when you have time!

❄️ Our shops have swapped some of their stock over, from spooky to angelic! The shopping page has also gotten a mini-makeover, please make sure to clear your cache to view the newly aligned shop headers!

❄️We are still currently experiencing issues with our Mining & Forest Foraging, but we'll be making an announcement regarding them soon!

❄️Mayor Gobble is on his way out of Cut & Stitch, but don't worry - he'll be back next year! Oh.. and it seems like he left a little something behind when he left! Might want to go check that out..

With this year coming to a close, we still have a few surprises in store for you! But we'd love to take a moment to just say thank you for making this year such a fun, exciting, and welcoming year for all of us to enjoy together. You are what makes this species special and we will be forever grateful for each and every one of you!

See ya next year, Plushies!

Warm Winter Wishes,
The Plush Scout Team 

November 2023 Newsletter

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Greetings Plushies, and Happy November!

October has come to a close, and with it the bulk of our Hauntober festivities as well - but the party isn't quite over yet, as Terror Tails will continue into November! Things came up and put us a little behind schedule, but the story will continue and there will be a special prize to make up for the late updates, so hang on tight!

We hope you all enjoyed the rest of our activities, and please look forward to our last few spooky raffles over the next couple days!

As usual, with a new month comes new prompts - including new puzzles for you to try, as well as some returning prompts from last year!

This month's PlushScouts Paraders prompt has also been updated with brand new prizes, and on the spotlight this time is our lovely solarseraphim! Lets show her lots of love this month to thank her for running such a wonderful community

Mayor Gobble returns to Cut & Stitch this November, but rumor has it he's soon to have some competition... You should make sure to check our Monthly Prompts for more information!

We're also happy to announce the return of our Plush Scouts Secret Santa! You can sign up for it here!
Signs ups will run from 11/01 to 11/07! We'll be assigning the pairs no later than 11/11, so everyone should have plenty of time to complete their pieces! You'll be allowed to turn them in as early as 12/23, but the final deadline is 01/06/2024!

Finally, Plush Parties will be put on pause for the month of November, but we hope to bring them back soon - we hope you'll join us when they make their comeback!

That is all for November, but keep your eyes peeled for more fun things to come next month! And as always, if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them in the help channel on our Discord server!

The Plush Scouts Team

October 2023 Newsletter

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Good evening, Plushies! Monthly roll over has floated its way through, and things around Draelvary are starting to get.. well, a little weird

This month is all about the spooky, creepy, and crawly things that make Halloween such a hauntingly fun time. We have some extra special events planned for you, so pull up a scare... sorry, I mean.. chair, and catch up on the latest news!

It seems like a Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt has popped up in town, and your Plush Dragon is practically falling off their broomstick to get to the first clue! It seems to be hidden somewhere in this news post... do you think you can find it? 
Don't forget your costume! Stop by Sybil's shop all of October to pick up your very own Costume Trunk, which grants a creative new trait that allows your Plush Dragon to dress up to their heart's content!

PlushScout Paraders
has been updated for the month and the spooklight is on our very own ghosts! Make sure to stop by the prompt and see what creatures she has featured, as well as the strange new box awaiting you if you finish the prompt!
Trick-or-Treating is such a fun event and all of the Plush Dragons in Draelvary just can't contain their excitement. So instead of limiting all that fun to just one night, they've decided to extend it - for the entire month! Make sure to stop by the Trick-or-Treating advent calendar every day in October for a boo-nique prize. Click here to visit!
  Oh, it seems like a rather interesting Plush Dragon has been looking for you! They say she can turn her head into a jack-o-lantern at will! You should go find her!
Plush Parties are in full swing this month, with some double (and even a triple!) movie night each weekend throughout the month of October. Make sure to refer back to the calendar attached to this announcement so you don't miss any frightful features!
A special Choose Your Own Adventure Discord event will start on October 3rd, where we write the story but YOU get to choose how it all plays out! We'll be posting chapters in the Terror Tails channel and users will be given a set amount of time to vote by reacting to the post with special emojis - and even given a prize based off the winning paths!  
Some creatures have reported sights of strange mechanical looking Plush Dragons wandering around... 
Introducing the Animatronic trait! These Plush Dragons are a little different than your average ones! The inside of them has a metal structure that they use to move, and their movements are stilted and not as smooth as others. Don’t fret, these Plush Dragons can still be soft and squishy like their peers, but there are just little things about them that make them feel a little.. different?
While we know there is a lot happening this month - there's even more we have planned! We have a few raffles that will happen towards the end of the month, so please make sure to stop by the roles channel in the Discord to grab the raffles role if you haven't done so already. We promise the raffles will be fangtastic!
As always, we're here for you in the help Discord channel if you need us. We hope you have a devilishly great Halloween season if you celebrate, and a cozy season of comfort if you don't!

Clicking this image will send you to a download for the full size resolution of the October Calendar!

The Plush Scouts Team

School Spirit MYO Sale!

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Brrrrng! Brrrrrrng!

Shake your pompoms, gather your textbooks, and make sure you have that locker combo because the School Spirit MYO Sale is finally in session!

Schools are sending out schedules to their new students, and that means you're going to need the best school supplies for the new year! So for each MYO egg purchase, you'll receive a special Draelvary High themed jersey accessory for your Plush Dragon to wear, as well as a School Spirit Welcome Box which contains a random school themed item to take home with you! 


Please comment down below with which tier rarity you'd like to purchase your MYO egg!
Prices are in USD and all payments will be through PayPal! 


$30 - Common slot

$40 - Uncommon slot

$50 - Rare slot

$90 - Alien slot

$130 - Seraphim slot

$170 - Special slot


MYO sale will remain open until the end of October!

September Newsletter

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Hi there, Plushies! Happy September!
As per our usual rollover, the prompts have been updated and there are lots of fun new activities for you to check out! 

Our PlushScout Paraders prompt has switched over to feature another staff member - this time it's yuewithluv! Make sure to stop by the prompt and show them some extra LUV this month!
As the season begins to change, some Plush Dragons seem to be getting ready to go back to school. It seems like there might even be a Back To School sale at The Second Paw, so be sure to pop in and see discounts Maw Maw has for you!
CeCe will be taking the month off from her parties, but be sure to check back next month for plenty of spooky fun that's to come!
This month's announcement is a little shorter than usual, but don't worry - we have plenty of fun things still to come this year. As always, we are here for you in #help in the Discord if you need anything!
The Plush Scouts Team

August Newsletter

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Happy August, Plushies~!

Rollover has been completed which means there are some fun new prompts ready for you on site!

There's a special new prompt we'd like to touch on today - PlushScout Paraders. This prompt is similar to our Plush Dragon Of The Month prompt, but with a little twist. Each month we'll select a member of staff to showcase, and we have extra special rewards for those who participate in drawing any of the selected Plush Dragons the staff member chose! Our team works so hard to keep the group not only active and running, but fun and inviting for members. This is just our way of saying thank you to them for everything they do. But don't worry - our regular Plush Dragon Of The Month prompt will still be available as normal, too!

July was such a busy month for everyone, which unfortunately means some events were overlooked in the chaos. We'll be rescheduling the missed Plush Parties into a double feature on Friday, August 11th, starting at 5 pm EST! We are also extending the Beach Bash discord event, and will be dropping bashkets in chat randomly throughout August to make up for the missed drops in July!

We hope you're as excited for all the fun things we have in store for the coming months as we are!

The Plush Scouts Team

July Newsletter

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July is finally here, and we are so stoked to celebrate this month with you! We have all new prompts focusing on the beach and how fun summer can be, new events, and some new friends to to make!
Prompt rollover has been done and you check out all new prompts here!
The Second Paw seems to have welcomed in some new friends for the summer. Maybe you should take a little peek and see if there's anyone in there you might like to take home with you!
The Beach Bash is bringing in a fun new discord event with it! Similar to our Easter Egg event, staff will randomly be dropping Bash Bashkets in the chat from July 16th to July 29th. The first person to reply to them with a beach-themed word will get their very own Beach Bashket! It has some returning beach-themed items in it, as well as some fun new ones, too! They'll also be given as a reward for each prompt this month, so don't worry if you happen to miss out on them in chat. We'll make sure there are plenty of opportunities for you to win some!
Plush Parties will be held on July 3rd with a movie night featuring Moana, July 21st where we'll be playing Among Us, and July 30th with another movie night, this time featuring Finding Nemo! As always, our Plush parties will start at 7pm EST and we really hope we see you there!
Calendars with regularly scheduled events for the month will now be released each month with rollover announcements in our discord server. 
We'd also like to take just a moment to remind you about onsite and discord usernames! We do require your discord display name to feature your on-site username in some form or way. As a way to reinforce this, we'll be adding in a new rule when it comes to winning discord server prizes. Starting July 1st, you will be given 24 hours to contact us with your on site username, or we will reroll for another winner.
We hope you all have an amazing summer, and we can't thank you enough for being here with us! If you have any questions, we are always here for you the help channel in our discord server!
The Plush Scouts Team

June Newsletter

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Happy June, Plushies~!
Rollover is here, and that means fun new things with the changing of the season. Help us welcome in summer with new word puzzles, summer themed prompts, and some exciting new events!
How does your Plush Dragon plan to welcome in the heat this year? Will they be outside, soaking up the sun? Or will they stay inside, keeping cool with the AC on? We can't wait to find out!
We'll be having some summer-themed raffles from June 19th through the 23th on Discord, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled and grab the raffle tag in #roles if you haven't already!
CeCe has the summer off from her normal Paw Scout duties, which means she plans to host plenty of fun Plush Parties for everyone. We hope you'll join us on June 5th & June 30th for movie nights, and June 16th for game night! Our parties will be starting earlier this time around - beginning at 7pm EST. Stay tuned for more information when the invites are handed out!
As always, we are here for you in #help over on Discord if you need anything at all!
  The Plush Scouts Team