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Pawtreon Launch!

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Good evening plushies!
We come with great news!  Our PlushScouts Patreon, also known as Pawtreon, is officially launched, and we couldn’t be more excited! There are multiple tiers available, with no subscriber cap! Please visit the link below if you’re interested, and want to see what Pawtreon has to offer!  
With the launch of our Patreon, this does mean discord server boosters will no longer be shown previews of designs, companions etc. as we felt that would be a great incentive for our patrons. However, boosters will still receive their booster goodies!  
As always, thank you all for being here in PlushScouts with us. We couldn’t do this without any of you!  
-Lune and Sunnie

September News Letter

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Happy September, Plushies! Todays update has some very exciting information, so stick around!

At this time on site you may have noticed a total of three news posts! Why so many? Well!

In this month of September, the beginning of Autumn and the Harvest Season across all of Draelvary, we’re trying something a little different!

There’s no big, bustling event this month, especially since last months PDOTM sure kept everyone pawfully busy, but we do have a couple of contests!

(And if you managed that crazy feat of drawing all of the mod team’s featured PDs, stay tuned this upcoming week for Solemn and Somber to bring by a special gift! Rumor has it, it’s a very delicate parcel!)

Those who have been with PlushScouts for a long time will no doubt remember the “Build a Buddy” contest from 2019! It was such an exciting event that we’d like to try to hold it annually, so everyone gets a chance to participate! Be sure to check out the Build a Buddy News Post for more info! 📰

But that’s not our only contest this month! Confetti and Lune think it would be a lot of fun for there to be a contest to create a new animated icon for our discord group! Be sure to drop by and check out the Animated Discord Icon Contest News Post for guidelines and w peak at prizes!

August has stepped away, and with it so have the Sea Bunnies returned home! The weather is cooling down and it looks like this is going to shape up to be a wonderful Autumn season! We’ve got a load of exciting new quests and prompts for you to venture out in, why don’t you go take a look?

Stay tuned for news about the return of Plush Parties this month! Cece’s been feeling a little under the weather but she hopes to be able to hang out with everyone soon!

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line in #help in our discord!

Welcome to Pumpkin Spice Season! 🎃

The PlushScouts Team

Animated Discord Icon Contest!

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Animated Icon Contest!

Our discord server is in need of a fresh new icon!


The Prizes:

1 winner gets their icon set as the active icon on discord, and 1 Seraphim MYO!

The Basics:

✂ All members of PlushScouts can participate!
✂ The End Date for this event is September 30th at 11:59PM EST!
✂ You can only enter once!
✂ Icons must include 1 NPC, fully colored, and animated!
✂ If you win, you will be granted a Seraphim MYO, and your icon will be displayed in the discord server!
✂ Winners will be judged by the mod team. We are looking for creativity above all!

To Enter:

✂ Icons for this event must be submitted to the Discord Icon Entries Gallery!
✂ Icons must include 1 NPC, fully colored, and animated!
✂ You must be a member of PlushScouts to participate in this contest! 

**Please note all icons must be 512 x 512**


A reminder: This event ends on SEPTEMBER 30th at 11:59PM EST!

If you have any questions or anything, please don't hesitate to ask! :heart:

The PlushScouts Team

Build a Buddy Contest (2022)

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It's Contest Time!


What if your Plush Dragon could create their own unique companion? Your Plush Dragon has decided to try and do just that. With their supplies in paw and a head full of ideas, they start cutting and sewing!

The Prizes:


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3 winners get official art of their companion, a limited badge, the original crafted companion, and a special pin!
All participants are awarded a limited Badge and and the Crafted Companion!
Even if you don't win, you get to keep the companion you created MINUS the upgrade!
We may increase the number of winners if we get a lot of participants!!

The Basics:

✂ All members of PlushScouts can participate!
✂ The End Date for this event is September 25th at 11:59PM EST!
✂ You can only enter once!
✂ Created companions can have one upgrading ability to just about anything you desire. Any trait, any rarity -- even beyond that. Even traits that don't exist!
✂ Entries must show your Plush Dragon and the companion they created!
✂ If you win, your will be granted your official companion with its upgrade!
✂ Winners will be judged by the mod team. We are looking for creativity above all!

To Enter:

✂ Drawings for this event must be submitted to the Entries Gallery!
✂ Drawings must include your Plush Dragon and the companion they create. If you don't have a Plush Dragon, you can use one of the NPCs!
✂ You must be a member of PlushScouts to participate in this contest!
✂️ Entries are required to be colored, but can have sketchy lines and no shading! 


A reminder: This event ends on SEPTEMBER 25th at 11:59PM EST!

If you have any questions or anything, please don't hesitate to ask! :heart:

The PlushScouts Team

Discount Sale!

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Good Evening, Plushies! We've decided to hold a sale for some of the plush dragons that have yet to be adopted from previous mod batches!  
They'll be available for a discounted price, all in one post, so if you've been looking for a new friend, today might just be your lucky day!   
Thank you, and have a great night  
   The PlushScouts Team  

August Newsletter

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Happy August, Plushies! Buckle up and grab a snack, because this announcement is a bit of a long one!

With the new month comes new prompts, new activities, new adventures, and... wait, what is that? Is that... a new shop? And a new NPC? AND a new prompt category?! Goodness, there are so many new things to explore! Where should we start first?!

I guess we should start at the beginning, right? And by the beginning, we mean the very start of everything with your Plush Dragon! Making Memories is a brand new prompt category, focused on your Plush Dragon's earliest memories! Put together similar to a baby book, this will allow you to explore your Plush Dragon's life as a knit in a special way, capturing important milestones and memories that will shape them into who they are! They bring cute new badges & prizes, so be sure to go check them out!!

Click here to check out the new prompts!

A new shop has opened it's doors, throwing a brand new currency into rotation! Tickets will now be given to everyone who chooses to stop by on Plush Party weekends, along with the exclusive prizes that always accompany them! That's right - Plush Party weekends are BACK so stay tuned for the upcoming schedule! Tickets can be exchanged for various prizes, ranging from game night choices to even a new type of egg! We will currently only be doing game nights until we can work some movie kinks out - but we promise they'll be just as fun, if not more than before!

But what's a new shop without a shopkeeper? Well as soon as Confetti heard the news, she just knew she had invite her good friend CeCe to help out! Though she might be the newest NPC, she's sure to bring lots of fun and exciting new things to Draelvary!

Click here to stop by to say hello to CeCe!

Our Plush Dragon Of The Month will work a little differently this month! Instead of just one, we're highlighting one of each mod's Plush Dragons as a way to say thank you for all their hard work! There are a ton of really great prizes for participating this month, so stop by the Monthly Prompts and check it out!

Think this was a lot? There's even more incredible things in store, so keep your eyes peeled for more news!

The Plush Scouts Team

July News Letter

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(our apologies for the delay, the original post glitched out and didn't submit LOL)

Good evening Plushies!
June has closed it's doors, but July is swinging in with some new and exciting *crystalized* things! 

We are now introducing **Crystalline Plush Dragons**! 

These plush dragons, along with the pressure of the world below, were so effected by the Seraphim, that their eggs *crystallized*, coating themselves with hard minerals that would keep them safe and sound. Plush dragons hatching this way, emerged with very different features than their above world counterparts!

Please take a look at the new traits linked below to learn more!

With the start of a new month, new prompts have been added as well as a brand new **Mining Surprise**! Keep your eyes pealed for some exciting things this month!

Check out our very first advent calendar! It’ll be set to run permanently and apparently the goodies you get from it can be very helpful for *crafting* something special..

The PlushScouts Team

June News Letter

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The increasing heat in the air, thick with salt and adventure, surrounds your Plush Dragon, gently warming them from Spring's final chills. They stand at the edge of a large, sandy beach. There's noise and commotion coming from all directions: laughter, music softly spilling from the carnival, Plush Dragons from all over whispering rumors of buried treasures and... what was that, mermaids...?

Good evening, Plushies! May has closed her doors, but June's are wide open! This month there is excitement, adventure, and... new upgrades! 

We're introducing the new Aquatic Form, which allows your Plush Dragon to fully transform into an aquatic version of themselves! With this ability, there's so many opportunities for new exploration! What mysteries will await them deep in the Tidal Reef? 

Read up more on the Aquatic Form here:

Activities for this month have officially rolled over, and there's new seasonal quests available for you and your Plush Dragons! 

We can't wait to see all the fun, creative things this month will bring with it!

 The PlushScouts Team

Vocalization Update

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Long ago, when the Seraphim first awoke to the sight of Draelvary, and discovered the creatures that had come to life during their slumber, the pair had attempted to communicate with the Plush Dragons around them with much difficulty. It seemed that the language the Seraphim spoke, and the language spoken by Plush Dragons as a whole, were entirely different.

Eventually, the Seraphim learned the new language of the Plush Dragons around them and although it was a bit of a difficult learning curve, they soon began to almost exclusively use the language the Plush Dragons had helped them to learn.

Few Plush Dragons can still recall the old language of the Seraphim, and even fewer can still speak it! Those who can often pass it on to their family members, and the Seraphim continue to speak it to just one another. Some think it is a magnificent gift that has been passed down, while others believe the old language is a curse, and fear the past will rear it’s ugly head once again.

For a very long time, Vocalization has been an exclusive trait to Plush Dragons of the cherub subtype only. In our recent discussions amongst staff, we’ve decided together that it truly makes no sense for Plush Dragons not to be able to speak amongst each other, or to their “owners” (should they have one).

As of today, Plush Dragons as a whole will be able to speak. Vocalization has been updated to Vetus Lingua, meaning old language, and is now of Seraphim rarity. Plush Dragons who previously had vocalization now have this trait, meaning they can speak the old language of the Seraphim!

Additionally, to try to cover our bases, we’ve added the Cherub Tier Mimicry trait. This trait allows Plush Dragons to mimic sounds they hear that aren’t conversational, like animal noises and imitating music boxes and other devices!

We look forward to seeing some very chatty Plush Dragons with this change!

As always we’re here in #help in the discord if you need us!

Thank you!

The PlushScouts Team

May News Letter

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Good evening, Plushies!

It's officially May and there's some new prompts ready and waiting for you!

Keep an eye out over the next few days - we have some super exciting things planned! This month marks the official one year anniversary of Sunnie and Lune running Plush Dragons and we can't wait to celebrate such a big moment with you!

If you have any questions, we're always here for you in #help in the discord!

The Plush Dragons Team