November 2023 Newsletter

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Greetings Plushies, and Happy November!

October has come to a close, and with it the bulk of our Hauntober festivities as well - but the party isn't quite over yet, as Terror Tails will continue into November! Things came up and put us a little behind schedule, but the story will continue and there will be a special prize to make up for the late updates, so hang on tight!

We hope you all enjoyed the rest of our activities, and please look forward to our last few spooky raffles over the next couple days!

As usual, with a new month comes new prompts - including new puzzles for you to try, as well as some returning prompts from last year!

This month's PlushScouts Paraders prompt has also been updated with brand new prizes, and on the spotlight this time is our lovely solarseraphim! Lets show her lots of love this month to thank her for running such a wonderful community

Mayor Gobble returns to Cut & Stitch this November, but rumor has it he's soon to have some competition... You should make sure to check our Monthly Prompts for more information!

We're also happy to announce the return of our Plush Scouts Secret Santa! You can sign up for it here!
Signs ups will run from 11/01 to 11/07! We'll be assigning the pairs no later than 11/11, so everyone should have plenty of time to complete their pieces! You'll be allowed to turn them in as early as 12/23, but the final deadline is 01/06/2024!

Finally, Plush Parties will be put on pause for the month of November, but we hope to bring them back soon - we hope you'll join us when they make their comeback!

That is all for November, but keep your eyes peeled for more fun things to come next month! And as always, if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them in the help channel on our Discord server!

The Plush Scouts Team


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