March Newsletter

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Welcome to Flora and Fauna fest!

Flora & Fauna Fest: 2023

What is Flora and Fauna fest? 

Flora and Fauna fest is a yearly event celebrating the coming of spring and awakening of nature all across Draelvary! After a long, cold winter, all sorts of creatures are coming out of hibernation and making themselves known!
Introducing: the Wild subtype!
This fascinating event-rarity subtype has access to a whole host of new traits that can be found during the spread of March through April, the time when Flora and Fauna fest is going on all over! These interesting Plush Dragons are found exclusively, well, in the wild! Wild type Plush Dragons are keenly tied to nature, down to the way their eggs appear to the traits they display! 
Wild subtype traits are innately nature involved and related, you’ll see lots of traits pertaining to plants and animals respectively! From flower petals for wings to Hercules beetle horns, there’s all sorts of fun new traits to take a look at! Now your Plush Dragons can be made of fire, water, stone.. they can fly about the Sunflower Fields with Elytra Wings or climb the forest trees with ease using their Pawsome Paws! There are so many pawsabilities for your Plush Dragon to really become one with nature, and we're sure you'll love finding each and every one of them!
In addition to these traits, you’ll see that St. Luce has been hard at work crafting up some new recipes to share with you and your Plush Dragons! There’s lots of fun new items to craft and gather, and lots of new ways to access some items and traits. Expect more recipes to come out slowly with our rollovers, we’re working hard to keep your paws awfully full! 
We've also seemed to uncover a strangely magical new place hidden away in Draelvary! The Enchanted Forest is similar to mining, though it's much more mysterious. Make sure to grab your Foraging Kit every day and open it to uncover the forest's secrets... or maybe just take home a cute new buddy from your travels! So many new abilities, traits, and items are just waiting for you to uncover them from the forest's depth!
A more in-depth guide will be coming soon to further explain and expand on traits, so remember to check the site often for more upcoming news!
And what better way to celebrate this new event than with a Draw-To-Adopt? We’ll be announcing more details soon, but this DTA will run from March 10th until April 28th! Stay tuned for further details!
The updates just keep coming! Plush Parties will begin again the weekend of March 10th. Keep your eyes (and party hats!) peeled for more info coming soon!
The Enchanted Forest Foraging should be open no later than 03/05, but we'll let you know as soon as its open! 
As always, we have new puzzles with new goodies awaiting you this month, so don't forget to pop by the prompts and see what's waiting there for you!

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