October 2023 Newsletter

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Good evening, Plushies! Monthly roll over has floated its way through, and things around Draelvary are starting to get.. well, a little weird

This month is all about the spooky, creepy, and crawly things that make Halloween such a hauntingly fun time. We have some extra special events planned for you, so pull up a scare... sorry, I mean.. chair, and catch up on the latest news!

It seems like a Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt has popped up in town, and your Plush Dragon is practically falling off their broomstick to get to the first clue! It seems to be hidden somewhere in this news post... do you think you can find it? 
Don't forget your costume! Stop by Sybil's shop all of October to pick up your very own Costume Trunk, which grants a creative new trait that allows your Plush Dragon to dress up to their heart's content!

PlushScout Paraders
has been updated for the month and the spooklight is on our very own ghosts! Make sure to stop by the prompt and see what creatures she has featured, as well as the strange new box awaiting you if you finish the prompt!
Trick-or-Treating is such a fun event and all of the Plush Dragons in Draelvary just can't contain their excitement. So instead of limiting all that fun to just one night, they've decided to extend it - for the entire month! Make sure to stop by the Trick-or-Treating advent calendar every day in October for a boo-nique prize. Click here to visit!
  Oh, it seems like a rather interesting Plush Dragon has been looking for you! They say she can turn her head into a jack-o-lantern at will! You should go find her!
Plush Parties are in full swing this month, with some double (and even a triple!) movie night each weekend throughout the month of October. Make sure to refer back to the calendar attached to this announcement so you don't miss any frightful features!
A special Choose Your Own Adventure Discord event will start on October 3rd, where we write the story but YOU get to choose how it all plays out! We'll be posting chapters in the Terror Tails channel and users will be given a set amount of time to vote by reacting to the post with special emojis - and even given a prize based off the winning paths!  
Some creatures have reported sights of strange mechanical looking Plush Dragons wandering around... 
Introducing the Animatronic trait! These Plush Dragons are a little different than your average ones! The inside of them has a metal structure that they use to move, and their movements are stilted and not as smooth as others. Don’t fret, these Plush Dragons can still be soft and squishy like their peers, but there are just little things about them that make them feel a little.. different?
While we know there is a lot happening this month - there's even more we have planned! We have a few raffles that will happen towards the end of the month, so please make sure to stop by the roles channel in the Discord to grab the raffles role if you haven't done so already. We promise the raffles will be fangtastic!
As always, we're here for you in the help Discord channel if you need us. We hope you have a devilishly great Halloween season if you celebrate, and a cozy season of comfort if you don't!

Clicking this image will send you to a download for the full size resolution of the October Calendar!

The Plush Scouts Team

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