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Specific Plush Dragon Sizing

Posted 2 years and 8 months ago :: Last edited 2 years and 8 months ago by somniumseraph
Good evening, PDParade!   
Tonight’s update is to specify sizes for Plush Dragons! 
Small Stature Plush Dragons are from the size of your palm, to 2 feet in height! (24 inches or 0.6096 meters max!)
Average Size Plush Dragons are from 2-4 feet! (24-48 inches, 0.6096-1.2192 meters!) 
Large Size Plush Dragons are from 4-6 feet! (48-72 inches or 1.2192-1.8288 meters!)
Oversized Plush Dragons fall at the sizes of 6.5+ feet or bigger! (78 inches or 2+ meters!)
These sizes apply to both bipedal and feral forms! The magic that helps them to shift back and forth with ease helps carry over their size as well, although there can be some minor difference in sizes by a few inches/centimeters between forms! 
Monstrous Forms can also gain roughly 1 foot/30cm of extra height at most!
With this size update comes the new Large Size trait! This trait is common, on our label of body sizes, leaving Oversized as the only rarer size, as it’s a considerably larger and more rare size!
If you feel that Large Size fits your Plush Dragon better than it’s current size, feel free to contact us in help with the link to your Plush Dragon so we can get that changed for you! 
If you have any questions, as always, we are available in the discord for help!
 The Plush Dragons Team 

Move your banks!

Posted 4 years and 1 week ago :: Last edited 4 years and 1 week ago by DearCervid

Hello guys! 

As we work towards a big ol' grand opening surprise please feel free to have us move your bank from the google doc found on deviantArt to here!

To do so head over to our old Button Bank journal here

And comment with your account name here to get that rolling <3

Thank you!


-Plush Dragon Team