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Vocalization Update

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Long ago, when the Seraphim first awoke to the sight of Draelvary, and discovered the creatures that had come to life during their slumber, the pair had attempted to communicate with the Plush Dragons around them with much difficulty. It seemed that the language the Seraphim spoke, and the language spoken by Plush Dragons as a whole, were entirely different.

Eventually, the Seraphim learned the new language of the Plush Dragons around them and although it was a bit of a difficult learning curve, they soon began to almost exclusively use the language the Plush Dragons had helped them to learn.

Few Plush Dragons can still recall the old language of the Seraphim, and even fewer can still speak it! Those who can often pass it on to their family members, and the Seraphim continue to speak it to just one another. Some think it is a magnificent gift that has been passed down, while others believe the old language is a curse, and fear the past will rear it’s ugly head once again.

For a very long time, Vocalization has been an exclusive trait to Plush Dragons of the cherub subtype only. In our recent discussions amongst staff, we’ve decided together that it truly makes no sense for Plush Dragons not to be able to speak amongst each other, or to their “owners” (should they have one).

As of today, Plush Dragons as a whole will be able to speak. Vocalization has been updated to Vetus Lingua, meaning old language, and is now of Seraphim rarity. Plush Dragons who previously had vocalization now have this trait, meaning they can speak the old language of the Seraphim!

Additionally, to try to cover our bases, we’ve added the Cherub Tier Mimicry trait. This trait allows Plush Dragons to mimic sounds they hear that aren’t conversational, like animal noises and imitating music boxes and other devices!

We look forward to seeing some very chatty Plush Dragons with this change!

As always we’re here in #help in the discord if you need us!

Thank you!

The PlushScouts Team

May News Letter

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Good evening, Plushies!

It's officially May and there's some new prompts ready and waiting for you!

Keep an eye out over the next few days - we have some super exciting things planned! This month marks the official one year anniversary of Sunnie and Lune running Plush Dragons and we can't wait to celebrate such a big moment with you!

If you have any questions, we're always here for you in #help in the discord!

The Plush Dragons Team

April MYO Sale

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Happy Saturday plushies! 

lune and I are here with an MYO sale today! 

Please comment down below to claim a slot! Prices are in USD!

$30 - Common

$40 - Uncommon

$50 - Rare

$90 - Alien

$130 - Seraphim (includes Event traits!)

$170 - Special (includes Special traits but does NOT include Seraphim and Event traits)

Each slot also comes with buttons equal to your purchase to help your Plush Dragon come to life! 

April Gift to Enter 2022

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April 2022

Gift to enter raffle!

The rules are very simple!

Draw gift art for a fellow user here, making sure they accept gift art and comment below with a link to your art to be entered into the raffle!

Please note the art must be lined, colored and a bust or more!


This raffle will run from April 15th untill May 15th when the winner will be drawn!


Happy April Plush Scouts!

April Newsletter

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Good evening Plushies!

We welcome you into April!

Spring continues this month, and with it comes a whole host of new prompts, and even a new scavenger hunt!

We even have some new activity worksheets, created by our lovely, newly promoted Seamstress, Sadie! She’s been a delight to have on the team and we hope you love the work she and Sylvena have crafted up for you this month!

With the beginning of April, Confetti discovered an odd little noodle friend she gave to Hocus to ask her to do some research on, drop by Lush Plush to grab one of your own today! 😉

When it comes to noodles, you won’t believe this! Starfarer was playing around with a Plush Dragon and they discovered that with some interesting magic they could gain a new form; the noodle form! Plush Dragons with the Noodle Body trait are longer and often more slender than their other peers, and only ever shaped this way! Looks like Poor Mistral got stuck in a noodle shape, oh dear!

We don’t have any big events going on this month, but we do have the addition of some brand new types of prompts!

Introducing: Paws On Prompts! These are prompts that are often done by being physically crafted by you! There’s some more details on the prompts themselves, so you should definitely take a peek!

I heard Confetti knows where to find the first item for the scavenger hunt this month, too! Why don’t you drop by and say hello and see what she has to say?

This month's Plush Party schedule will be a game nights on the 8th & the 23rd, and the movie nights will be on the 9th and the 22nd!

If your birthday is this month, make sure to drop by in #birthday-celebration to redeem your gifts!

If you have any questions, we’re always here in #help in the discord if you need us!

Happy April!

The Plush Dragons Team

PDParade Rule Update: Copyrighted Characters

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Good morning, PDParade!

We’re here with a very important update in regards to character creation and designs.

From this day forward, Plush Dragons will no longer be allowing characters who are heavily based on copyrighted characters.

Previously, we didn’t mind characters being inspired, but as things progress and we’ve seen some designs come to light, the decision has been made unanimously to no longer allow these types of designs. It can be a tricky and often slippery slope dealing with designs based on previously existing IPs and characters, and while Plush Dragons is a place of fun and relaxation, we do need to take legal copyrights and such seriously.

What happens to previous designs?

Designs created and approved before the implementation of this rule will be allowed to stay as is, but are closely monitored. Future updates perceived to be too close to the source material will be asked to be changed.

We sincerely hope you all understand where we’re coming from, and extensively appreciate your understanding.

Please note that this has no effect on making a Plush Dragon form of a character that you own!

As always, the staff are available in #help in the discord if you need us!

The Plush Dragons Team

Plush Dragons RP Discord

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Good evening everyone!

After lots of prep and work, we’ve finally gotten the Plush Dragons RP server up and running! This server is built to help you write and interact with other users, as well as flesh out and build friendships and relationships for your Plush Dragons with others!

Ready to write? Come drop in! 

Additionally, our secret Santa entries are now closed! You’ll be hearing from staff tomorrow with your assignment!

Specific Plush Dragon Sizing

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Good evening, PDParade!   
Tonight’s update is to specify sizes for Plush Dragons! 
Small Stature Plush Dragons are from the size of your palm, to 2 feet in height! (24 inches or 0.6096 meters max!)
Average Size Plush Dragons are from 2-4 feet! (24-48 inches, 0.6096-1.2192 meters!) 
Large Size Plush Dragons are from 4-6 feet! (48-72 inches or 1.2192-1.8288 meters!)
Oversized Plush Dragons fall at the sizes of 6.5+ feet or bigger! (78 inches or 2+ meters!)
These sizes apply to both bipedal and feral forms! The magic that helps them to shift back and forth with ease helps carry over their size as well, although there can be some minor difference in sizes by a few inches/centimeters between forms! 
Monstrous Forms can also gain roughly 1 foot/30cm of extra height at most!
With this size update comes the new Large Size trait! This trait is common, on our label of body sizes, leaving Oversized as the only rarer size, as it’s a considerably larger and more rare size!
If you feel that Large Size fits your Plush Dragon better than it’s current size, feel free to contact us in help with the link to your Plush Dragon so we can get that changed for you! 
If you have any questions, as always, we are available in the discord for help!
 The Plush Dragons Team 

Move your banks!

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Hello guys! 

As we work towards a big ol' grand opening surprise please feel free to have us move your bank from the google doc found on deviantArt to here!

To do so head over to our old Button Bank journal here

And comment with your account name here to get that rolling <3

Thank you!


-Plush Dragon Team