Hauntober News Letter

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Happy Hauntober, Plushies!

To start off this very spooky month, we have a Hauntober Scavenger Hunt!

If you were with us for Hauntober last year, you’ll probably be pretty familiar with Monstrous Form, but we’ll give you an extra run down, just in case!

What is Monstrous Form?

Monstrous Form allows your Plush Dragon to take on different forms! These forms are often a larger, more terrifying version of their normal appearance, but that’s not the only thing they’re used for!

Does your Plush Dragon want a third eye? Some extra wings? An extra body part? These are all very possible with this trait! It can shift around their color palettes, although the design must still resemble itself!

Monstrous Form Plush Dragons can swap between their forms at will, and if they obtain enough items can even have *multiple Monstrous Forms*!

If you’re interested in gaining a Monstrous Form, it sounds like you’ll need to be **Seeking the Moon** in the Event Prompts tab! 🌙

In addition to the return of Seeking the Moon, we have a new event quest line; Shadows Within. This spooky story has to do with our proper Hauntober Host, Cerridwen! Cerridwen, who often goes by Cerri, is a kind but mischievous Plush Dragon. She knows just what it is that goes bump in the night, and she wants to teach you too! Drop by our event quests to say hello and see if you’d like a peek at what she has to teach you!

Hauntober is an exciting and very busy month for most Plush Dragons, as so many love to dress up and spook each other! We sure hope you’re as excited as we are to join in on the fun!

If you have any questions, as always, we’re available in #help in the Discord!

**Happy Hauntober!!**

*The Plush Dragons Team*


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