December News Letter

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Salutations, Plushies!

We hope everyone had a wonderful November, and a fabulous fall season! As we say goodbye to the scent of pumpkin spice and autumnal costumes and decorations, we welcome in Winter to Draelvary! The first snow is already here, dusting the most northern areas in a delicate powder! What a sight to see!

Since the events of Permafrost last year, Celeste has found a happy permanent home! If you weren’t here for the four part quest last year, don’t fret! Permafrost is back again and will return each year for the entire Winter season!

Since the weather seems to have returned to normal, the Herald of Winter has returned! Frostfall Wayfarer, as she’s often called, had her hooves absolutely full last year, so she wasn’t seen around Draelvary! With her return to her normal duties you’ll also find her partner, Saint Polaris not too far behind her!

Given that December tends to be a busy month all over, we have no Paws On prompt this month, or a word search/crossword/word scramble. December has lots of holidays in it throughout the world, and with the amount of other activities coming this month we elected to leave them out, we hope you can understand!

We sincerely hope everyone has a wonderful month, and as always hope to see you enjoying what Draelvary has to offer!

We’re in #help in the discord if you need us as always, thank you!

The PlushScouts Team


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