January Newsletter: Happy New Year 2023!

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Happy New Year, Plushies!!!

We’re so sincerely excited to have had each and every one of you with us last year, and can’t wait to get to share with you everything we have planned this coming year as well!

January is here, and that means every Plush Dragon in Draelvary is here and ready to celebrate the Light Festival once again! If you haven’t been in Draelvary for the Light Festival before, we definitely think you’re in for a treat! This festival is all about celebrating the New Year and ringing it in as loudly and excitedly as possible! With the Light Festival comes the return of access to the Lux subtype of traits, traits for Plush Dragons who really love to show off their inner and outer spark!

Winter is still going strong through Draelvary, and it sure doesn’t seem like this snow will be letting up anytime soon, so be sure to bundle up when you head out to play!

While you’re out and exploring Draelvary, be sure to stop by Cut & Stitch so PawPaw can hand out your very first gift for this year! He’s been working pawfully hard on them!

There’s some fun returning prompts this month, as well as some new worksheet prompts our staff have put together for you. Be sure to stop in and check them out, word searches are such fun!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you all in Draelvary again this year, and I know Confetti does too!

*Thank you for being here with us! 💖*

**The PlushScouts Team**


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