September Newsletter

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Hi there, Plushies! Happy September!
As per our usual rollover, the prompts have been updated and there are lots of fun new activities for you to check out! 

Our PlushScout Paraders prompt has switched over to feature another staff member - this time it's yuewithluv! Make sure to stop by the prompt and show them some extra LUV this month!
As the season begins to change, some Plush Dragons seem to be getting ready to go back to school. It seems like there might even be a Back To School sale at The Second Paw, so be sure to pop in and see discounts Maw Maw has for you!
CeCe will be taking the month off from her parties, but be sure to check back next month for plenty of spooky fun that's to come!
This month's announcement is a little shorter than usual, but don't worry - we have plenty of fun things still to come this year. As always, we are here for you in #help in the Discord if you need anything!
The Plush Scouts Team

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