Scoring Guide

Created: 22 June 2021, 23:31:26 EDT
Last updated: 7 June 2024, 01:05:18 EDT

Submission Guidelines:

(Feel free to use CTRL+F to find specific items on this page!)

Allowed Submissions (for the gallery function!)

✔ Roleplaying/Writing submissions of plush dragons.
✔ Art including or based around Plush Dragons.
✔ Basically just have a Plush Dragon in the submission doing something!
✔ YCH's including Plush Dragons.

Submissions Not Allowed (deviations, etc.):

✘ Anything R-18/NSFW (a little dark is ok, no full gore or adult themes please)
✘ "Off-brand" Plush Dragons.
✘ Racist/sexist/phobic artwork.
✘ Basically anything that doesn't have a Plush Dragon doing something!
✘ Traced/base/replicated artwork.


Reward Guide:

(How to get buttons!)


✱ No base art/tracing/recolors, etc. (YCH is fine)
✱ Must be at least a colored sketch with some effort. All submissions must be fully colored with no "white gaps/white spaces" of missing color. 
✱ Mostly full body (more than a bust)
✱ Writing entries must be SAFE FOR WORK. Cursing is okay, but please no strong adult themes.
✱ Please submit your writing submissions and art submissions separately. 

Buttons per General Art Submission Guide:

You must send in a claim on the site to be rewarded buttons.

🎁 Drawing your own Plush Dragon: 5 buttons.
🎁 Drawing your Plush Dragon with someone else's: 5 buttons + 5 buttons per extra Plush Dragon.
🎁Drawing NPCs: 3 buttons
🎁 Drawing someone else's Plush Dragon (as a gift): 5 buttons 
🎁 YCH: 5 buttons for the first time. + 2 buttons per completed image subsequently. 


🎁 Adding a background (a flat color or gradient) +0
🎁 Drawing a simple background instead of no bg/solid color: +3 buttons
🎁 Drawing a complex background (a background consisting of at least three separate items not including the ground and sky. Ex; clouds, trees, birds.) instead of a simple/no background: +5 buttons

Buttons per General Written Submission Guide:

You must send in a claim on the site to be rewarded buttons.

🎁 250-500 Words: 5 buttons
🎁 500-750 Words: 7 buttons
🎁 750-1000 Words: 10 buttons

🎁 +2 buttons for every additional 250 words after 1000
🎁 +2 Buttons for each additional Plush Dragon with immense interaction
🎁 +1 Button for each companion or mount with immense interaction

Any extra or additional buttons must be added on by the user.

If you have any questions or need any clarification, please ask in the discord!