[Open] Oh My Gourd! September Staff Sale

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Flatsale: PD-848[Open]
Plush DragonsEvent
Design: honeybee ・ Art: honeybee
Price: $60

Auction: PD-849[Open]
Plush DragonsEvent
Design: DearCervid ・ Art: DearCervid
Starting Bid: $80
Minimum Increment: $5
Autobuy: $110

Good afternoon, Plushies! We sure hope you enjoyed your September, I know we sure did! Before Hauntober starts tomorrow, we have a sweet little Autumn-themed sale for you all! Our staff worked so hard to put these designs together just for you, so we really hope you'll see someone you want to take home!!

PD-846 - Autumn Breeze by Fucal - Auction
SB: $80 USD
(capless auction)

PD-847 - Bookish Buddy by yuewithluv -

PD-848 - Chipmunk Chatter by honeybee - Flatsale
$100 USD

PD-849 - Cozy Sweater by DearCervid - Auction
SB: $80 USD
AB: $110 USD

PD-850 - Friendly Scarecrow by GoopyHalos - Auction
SB: $80 USD
AB: $150 USD (w/ an add-on of a headshot drawing of the design + custom companion)

PD-851 - Pumpkin Spice Latte by Pyrolf - Auction
SB: $80
AB: $110 (comes with additional fullbody and themed companion)

Please comment on the corresponding comment chain for the design you're looking for, and please make sure you're replying to the highest bidder!

Please be aware, all of our auctions do implement a snipe guard, to prevent users from being unfairly sniped designs!

Auctions end 24 hours after the last bid, with a two hour snipe guard. Meaning that if someone bids within the last few minutes before the auction would have ended, it will automatically extend two hours to give a fair chance and to ensure designs aren't sniped out from under your nose!

If you’d like previews of designs, and pre-claims, certain tiers of our Pawtreon has that available for you, starting October 1st!



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Please comment here for PD-846 - Autumn Breeze
SB: $80

2022-09-30 10:18:32 (Edited 2022-09-30 10:21:02)

Dravynic Avatar

SB !

2023-02-23 12:07:51

solarseraphim Avatar
solarseraphim Staff Member

They’re all yours! I’ll have Fucal reach out asap!

2023-02-24 13:29:34

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