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2 May 2023, 19:34:46 EDT (1 year ago)
3 May 2023, 05:16:34 EDT (1 year ago) by Fucal


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A Blurb About Your Plush Dragon: This is About my first Plush Dragon Poisonetta, who was a wonderful gift from the amazing Luneflowyr.
Poisonetta Lives in a small hallowed out tree stump with her little frog friend, Freddy. She can be found baking with the fresh spsices and herbs from her garden but she really loves the world out doors, preferring to spend all her time in nature. She loves dancing in the rain and singing with the birds and very good at collecting and pressing leaves in her collection book. She hopes to travel the world and collect leaves from every tree she can find, as long as Freddy can go with her. She adores making new friends and will offer her tail as shelter if the storm were to get too harsh.
Is The Masterlist Missing Anything: Nope, everything is perfect.


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PD-783: Poisonetta

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