Magician’s Guild


Can be joined by both users and characters.

Welcome to the Magician’s Guild!

This guild, lead by Scoutmaster Sybil and her companion hat Hocus, is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge of the arcane arts!

Sybil’s main talent is mixing up potions with various outcomes, and it’s a craft she’s studied since she was quite young! She’s fascinated by the chance to learn, and wants to pass her knowledge onto anydragon who wants to learn!

The Magician’s Guild currently only has the Sorcerer class available, but keep an eye and ear out for when the other classes are announced!

Sybil is kind and patient, fine and fitting qualities for any teacher. It makes her role as the Scoutmaster of this guild make all the more sense, and it’s clear she enjoys every moment she gets to see a Plush Dragon master something new!

The Magician’s Guild is the newest guild in Draelvary, mostly due to Sybil’s nervousness with being in charge of something so massive! But her friends have confidence in her and she’s proud to take charge and do as best as she can when she’s away from Lush Plush!


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