February 2024 Newsletter

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Happy February, Plushies!


The first month of 2024 has come and gone, but that just means a new month of fun activities for you to try! February will see the return of a few old prompts, but there are plenty of new ones, too - we have our monthly puzzles, as well as brand new Valentine's themed monthly prompts, including a couple that give out items that grant a very special trait: Amalgam

This ability allows Plush Dragons who are closely bonded - whether they be family, friends or romantic partners - to fuse together into one being. It is the most powerful act two Plush Dragons can achieve, and it requires a very special bond. It is a truly one of a kind experience for a PD.

We also have a couple of new badges for completing prompts, so to all of the collectors out there, be sure to check them out!



 Saint Vela is very stoked about all the festivities, and she's looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful pieces for Vela's Valentines - which you can turn in & reveal to your partner starting on 02/14.

There's also a special little gift for all the holiday aficionados at Cut & Stitch, make sure to drop by and grab yours, for it'll only be available until the end of the month! 

❄️Unfortunately it seems like the weather has yet to let up, so Planetarium doors remain frozen - we hope Roswell is doing okay in there! - and Scooby remains in her deep slumber... But fear not, Confetti will still be at the fishing hole for Ice Fishing throughout the month of February, so you'll get to spend some quality time with her still! 🎣

Lastly, we'd like to announce our lovely SomniumSeraph will be going on maternity leave partway through February, so we ask that you please not contact her during her absence! You're free to use the #help channel in the discord for any of your questions - the rest of our moderation team will be happy to answer them for you, so please don't hesitate to reach out to the rest of us! 

We hope you'll enjoy the month's festivities, we all worked hard to make February a fun-filled month for all of you! 

The PlushScouts Team


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