April 2024 Newsletter

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Happy April, Plushies! 


March may be over, but spring festivities continue with brand new puzzles and prompts to enjoy, as well as the return of a few old ones!

But there's more - we have a brand new scavenger hunt prepared for you all! Saint Luce loves all things spring, and he was rather eager to help us prepare for this year's scavenger hunt - why don't you go pay him a visit and see what he has in store for you? 

We hope you have a fun time searching for goodies all over the site!

That'll be all for April, but rest assured - we are working hard to bring you more fun events and activities this year, so just hang on tight and enjoy this calmer, more easy-going month!


As always, if you have any questions, just drop by ⁠help and ask away! We are always happy to assist you!

The PlushScouts Team


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