[2024] July Newsletter

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Hi there, Plushies~ :Wave:


tumblr_m2uwl8k95Z1qbs47q.gif It's a new month and that means new (and returning) prompts and activities are now available for you on site! The summer sun is still going strong in Draelvary and to celebrate we're bring back the Beach Bash! Each prompt this month will include a special Beach Bashket, which will award you with an exclusive summer themed item when opened. 



We'd like to remind you that mod apps are still open until midnight EST tonight (July 1st) so if you'd like to join the moderation team, don't forget to submit your app! The link can be found in our announcements channel or you go there directly by clicking here.


While there are no big events this month, we do have some very special things planned for you very soon... 👀


Hope you're all having a wonderful summer!

:SSparkle: The Plush Scouts Team :SSparkle:


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