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Harvest the Fruit

Category: General Quests

Show your Plush Dragon harvesting fruit and berries in a fun day outdoors!


It’s a wonderful day and your Plush Dragon is set on enjoying it!

Every season brings new, delicious life to the flora of the world.

Perhaps it's spring when cherries, lemons and some strawberries are ripening! If it's summer time there’s so many berries and fruit around. All sorts of berries like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and more! Many fruits like peaches, pears and plums are ripe for the taking! Fall sees even more lovely fruits. Orchards are full to the brim with apples, figs and pears. Winter doesn’t stop the possibilities, pomegranates, cranberries and oranges can be found to pick or pluck!

Draw or write your plush dragon finding fruits and berries based on what season you’re in currently!

Writing Requirements:
-Minimum of 1 character
-Word count: 250-500; bonuses up to 1500 

Bonus Buttons:
-significant character interactions (NPCs or other users Plush Dragons. Limit 5) - +5 buttons per any extra PD 
-significant companion interaction - +2 buttons per companion

Art Requirements: 
-Minimum one full-body

Bonus Buttons:
-other users PDs - +5 buttons per any extra PD (not including NPCs. Limit 5.)
-companions - +2 buttons per companion
-complex background- +5 buttons (3 object depth requirement not including ground/sky/walls/ect)


Reward Amount
Buttons 5
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