Prompt Categories

Planetarium and Scooby’s Stash

The prompts to stargaze at Roswell's Plantarium and to try and wake Scooby up and get something from her Stash!

Paws On Prompts

Time to put those paws to work and complete some of these physical prompts!

General Quests

A place filled with simple and fun prompts to do whenever you feel! These are general and just meant for you to draw or write your Plush Dragon and have some fun in the group! If the prompt calls to include another user's Plush Dragon or if you want to in any of them, please make sure you have permission! Some users may not enjoy their Plush Dragons being depicted in some ways so make sure to respect your fellow members!

Event Quests

Prompts for limited time or special events! 

Making Memories

A scrapbook of all your favorite knit memories!

Seasonal Quests

Quests that only come around during certain times of year!

Flash Prompts

Quick little prompts to show off various activities or things relating to your Plush Dragons!

Class Quests

Tamer , Bard, Paladin, and Sorcerer quests now available!

Quests made for your Plush Dragon to choose a specialty class!

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