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New Members Celebration!

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Get acquainted with this group!


Hello! This is a guide to help you get established in the group - don't worry, it shouldn't take that long. 

New Member Celebration:

☑ Complete a Merit Tracker either in st.ash,, or as a journal! This will allow your Plush Dragon to participate in group activities and keep up with their current inventory!
🎁 Reward: 15 Buttons

☑ Introduce your Plush Dragon! Just a little basic blurb will do it!
🎁 Reward: 10 Buttons

☑ Check out the Masterlist! Just make sure we have all the info correct, and if we are missing your Plush Dragon, be sure to let us know! If you don't have any Plush Dragons but would like to participate in the group, just link Confetti!
🎁 Reward: 10 Buttons


You should also make yourself familiar with the TOS and Submission Guidelines if you're going to participate in this group!

:star: Please be aware that this is a one-time only bonus, and can only be claimed with one Plush Dragon!

To claim your rewards, please submit an entry with this form filled out:

Merit Tracker: ((insert link))
A Blurb About Your Plush Dragon: ((type it out))
Is The Masterlist Missing Anything: ((no/yes-explain))

Please place the link to your merit tracker in the URL section as well!


Please remember that this prompt is only for Plush Dragons that you own - Other NPCs are not allowed! If you do not own any plush dragons, you may only use Confetti! If you have any questions, please let us know!


Reward Amount
Buttons 35
New Member Box 1
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