<a href="" class="display-item">Popsicle</a>


Category: Trait Upgrades

Feeding this item to your Plush Dragon will grant them the Cold To The Touch ability!

<a href=" Anniversary Cake" class="display-item">First Anniversary Cake</a>

First Anniversary Cake

Category: Trait Upgrades

Feeding this item to your Plush Dragon will give it a freshly baked cake scent!

<a href=" Snake Coin" class="display-item">Ancient Snake Coin</a>

Ancient Snake Coin

Category: Trait Upgrades

This item grants your Plush Dragon the Snake Mane Trait!

<a href=" Flare" class="display-item">Solar Flare</a>

Solar Flare

Category: Trait Upgrades

Allows an aura of sun flares to float around your Plush Dragon!

<a href=" Flare" class="display-item">Lunar Flare</a>

Lunar Flare

Category: Trait Upgrades

This item grants an aura of galaxies and stars that float around your Plush Dragon!

<a href=" Juice" class="display-item">Kelp Juice</a>

Kelp Juice

Category: Trait Upgrades

Your Plush Dragon seems to have found some strange juice, maybe they should take a sip to see what it does?

Drinking this Kelp Juice automatically upgrades your MYO slot or existing Plush Dragon to the Aquatic type!

<a href=" Scale" class="display-item">Tidal Scale</a>

Tidal Scale

Category: Trait Upgrades

The scale grown in by Aquatic Plush Dragons. This delicate scale allows Plush Dragons the ability to transform back and forth from a finned, sully aquatic form back to their semi-aquatic form! How neat!

<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Starfire Potion</a>

Starfire Potion

Category: Trait Upgrades

No one is entirely sure where this potion came from, as it just sort of, well, appeared one day. Many say it's old as time itself, while others... they just aren't sure. All anyone knows for certain is that if you drink this strange mixture, your body will be engulfed in the sun and moon itself.

Drinking this potion will grant your Plush Dragon a trail of stars and sun flares to trail along behind them as they walk. It also drapes anyone in direct contact of the Plush Dragon with warmth, creating a calm and loving effect for many hours, even after they have left the area surrounding the Plush Dragon.

<a href=" Young Potion" class="display-item">Forever Young Potion</a>

Forever Young Potion

Category: Trait Upgrades

This mysterious potion seems to have a childish effect on your Plush Dragon..

Feeding this potion to your Plush Dragon will stop them from growing up. They'll be a cute little knit forever!

<a href="" class="display-item">Markers</a>


Category: Trait Upgrades

Fun to doodle with!

This item will give your Plush Dragon erasable fabric, allowing them to be written on over and over again!

<a href=" Recorder" class="display-item">Video Recorder</a>

Video Recorder

Category: Trait Upgrades

A wonderful way to capture memories with your Plush Dragon!

Giving this item your Plush Dragon will allow their eyes to become screens capable of displaying simple shapes, such as hearts, stars, ect!

<a href=" Punch Potion" class="display-item">Party Punch Potion</a>

Party Punch Potion

Category: Trait Upgrades

So refreshing! And... strange?

Giving this item to your Plush Dragon will cause them to become filled with liquid!

<a href=" Machine" class="display-item">Bubble Machine</a>

Bubble Machine

Category: Trait Upgrades

Bubbles! Bubbles everywhere!

This item allows your Plush Dragon to blow bubbles from their mouth!

<a href=" Cream Cone" class="display-item">Ice Cream Cone</a>

Ice Cream Cone

Category: Trait Upgrades

Better eat it before it melts!

This item turns your Plush Dragon's fabric into a gooey consistency, similar to melting ice cream!

<a href=" Popper" class="display-item">Party Popper</a>

Party Popper

Category: Trait Upgrades

+ Upgrade
This item automatically upgrades your slot to the next rarity! Cannot exceed Alien rarity. 

<a href=" Scroll" class="display-item">Meditatio Scroll</a>

Meditatio Scroll

Category: Trait Upgrades

An old scroll that seems to stare back at you with glowing eyes... How spooky!

Giving this to your Plush Dragon will grant them the Reflective Eyes trait!

<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Enchanting Potion</a>

Enchanting Potion

Category: Trait Upgrades

This potion comes in a lovely heart-shaped vial, and it will grant your Plush Dragon with one wild subtype trait of their choosing!

<a href=" Dust Potion" class="display-item">Pixie Dust Potion</a>

Pixie Dust Potion

Category: Trait Upgrades

The potion in this bottle glimmers in the light, almost inviting you to sip it.

Drinking it grant your Plush Dragon the Spritely trait! It also tastes like grape, apparently.

<a href=" Scroll" class="display-item">Evanescens Scroll</a>

Evanescens Scroll

Category: Trait Upgrades

An old scroll that seems ready to vanish! Hurry, absorb that knowledge before it does!

Reading it has bestowed your Plush Dragon the ability to vanish into thin air, wow!

<a href=" Jewels" class="display-item">Sparkling Jewels</a>

Sparkling Jewels

Category: Trait Upgrades

Oh, what pretty jewels!

They sparkle under the light, and will also grant your Plush Dragon the Enchanted Iridescence trait! Better keep them, then!

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