Knit (Plush Dragons Subtype)

A baby Plush Dragon!

Art by Ghosts


Standard (Plush Dragons Subtype)

Standard types are the most common and most varied of all Plush Dragons.

They are reliable, easy to take care of, and are fantastic for first time owners.


Aquatic (Plush Dragons Subtype)

Aquatic types are just as their name implies - they are equipped to live and thrive underwater.

They are excellent swimmers, but some tend to be snobby or haughty.


Dino (Plush Dragons Subtype)

Dino types are hardy, tough Plush Dragons. They tend to be more aggressive and love to rough-house.

They tend to be more puppy-like, which a lot of owners favor.


Unicorn (Plush Dragons Subtype)

Unicorn types are regal, vain flower children. They are the oldest of all the Plush Dragon types, with some dating back to Medieval times.

While they are beautiful, they may be a bit dramatic and demanding at times. 


Foo (Plush Dragons Subtype)

Foo types are often the biggest and strongest of all Plush Dragon types. They are known for being fiercly protective of their owners.

Some people believe Foo types bring good luck!


Hybrid (Plush Dragons Subtype)

Hybrid Plush Dragons are rare creations of two or more Plush Dragons with different types.

They can be a mix of any types of Plush Dragons, but the rarity always falls on whichever parent is more rare. 

These Plush Dragons tend to be more peaceful and well-rounded.


Munchkin (Plush Dragons Subtype)

Munchkin types are essentially the toy breeds of Plush Dragons. They are specifically made to have short, fat limbs and a squat, chubby body.

They all grow thick fur that can be styled in various ways depending on the owners preference or living conditions. These Plush Dragons require a lot of upkeep and enjoy being spoiled.


Alien (Plush Dragons Subtype)

The people who own Alien type Plush Dragons claim to have just found them one day in their home unexpectedly.

Owners often report their Plush Dragon mimicking their moves, such as laughing or crying when their owners do - much like the Plush Dragon is studying their movements and trying to blend in.

Wild (Plush Dragons Subtype)

These Plush Dragons are incredibly in-tune with all sorts of nature and critters! They can only ever be found during spring and are naturally occurring around the Iridescent Woods.

Lux (Plush Dragons Subtype)


Cherub (Plush Dragons Subtype)

Cherub type Plush Dragons are elusive, with very bird-like features. Unlike other types of Plush Dragons, Cherubs are nearly all wild and only appear between November and Feburary. They are arboreal and are excellent at climbing and flying.

These Plush Dragons can have retractable claws and can mimic sounds, so a patient owner is required.

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