June Newsletter 2024

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🎺Gooooood morning, Plushies!🎺


 This month marks the start of our summer season here in Draelvary, and with it comes our very first Summer Camp Expirience! There are new prompts and a few special events lined up this month, all themed around fun outdoors activities you can do together with your Plush Dragon. Make sure to pop by the prompts pages to check them out when you can - we've even brought back the activity sheets alongside our word prompts!

🎮 Speaking of special events, we'll be having a special Plush Party Game Night later this June, please make sure to grab the role in the roles channel in our discord so you don't miss the announcement, which will contain more details including the time and date!

June is a very special month for a lot of our members, and we're happy to announce that the With Love And Pride and The Gift Of Pride items are now back in stock at Cut & Stitch, with a few added surprises. Please stop by to grab yours from Paw Paw when you have a moment. We'll also be raffling off some special pride themed designs again this month, so be sure to check back for another announcement soon! Happy Pride Plushies! 

As always, we're here for you over in the help channel on discord if you need us!


The PlushScouts Team


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